Did I ruin my chances by asking her out too soon?

So I have a part-time job while in college, and I had become interested in a girl I work with. She's always been very friendly to me, and when we'd work together just the two of us there was (at least from my perspective) a flirtatious vibe going on. From the way she would tease, make me laugh, her body language and the way she'd look at me when talking to me, I just had a gut feeling that she maybe had a thing for me too. Whether it was all in my head (I'm leaning towards that explanation), or I just had wishful thinking by having the impression she was flirting with me, I made up my mind the other night to ask her out. I waited until we were just closing the place up and walking to our cars, she said something about having a "relationship-ish" thing going on, wasn't very clear about it, plus she was saying it while kind of walking away lol (maybe I creeped her out?) Anyway, now I feel really embarrassed and kind of regret putting myself in the situation (asking out a co-worker). But I just NEVER meet girls I'm interested enough in to actually pursue, and I find this girl so interesting and cool that I always looked forward to seeing her and being around her.

I still don't know what her story is, whether or not she actually is involved with someone (she's NEVER mentioned having a S.O. in fact she had mentioned her ex before, but she did keep mentioning a guy friend she sees a lot of, but she always called him a friend. Anyway, I don't know what to do now, I don't work with her for at least a week, but I don't know how to act around her when I do see her, or if I should look any further into it, like maybe not ruling out that she is interested in me.

I just feel stupid for trusting my gut that she was reciprocating the same interest I have for her.

So after the lengthy intro, my question is should I let it go and try and forget about it? Since she was sketchy as to what kind of relationship status she is in, is it unrealistic to assume she might still be interested in me? And if she is, how would she react now that she knows I'm interested in her? How do I get rid of this extreme embarrassing and tail-between-my-legs feeling?
Did I ruin my chances by asking her out too soon?
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