I'm too nervous to talk to girls I find attractive. How can I overcome this?

I don't consider myself ugly but not amazing either. I've had girls tell me I'm cute and even ask me out but i would just freeze and look not do anything. A lot of my life, I'll see a girl I think is cute but be way too nervous to approach her. Even if she approaches me and makes things really confortable, i still wouldn't make a move. It's like all parts of me want her, but my brain just decides not to work. Even in party situations, where it's normal, I can't. I'm way too afraid. I'm that guy that waits for girls to approach me first, and I'm sick and tired of it. What hurts me more, is that some people have asked me if im gay, because they've never seen me approach or even date a girl, and it's just down-right embarrassing for me. Even my parents recently asked if i was gay because theyve never seen me with a girl in my life. (btw, nothing wrong with gay people, but as a straight man, to be suspected as gay by some girls and your family when you're not is a smack in the face).

I dont even hang out with my friends that much anymore. They all have girlfriends and whenever we all go out, i feel awkward and almost like a nuisance when they are with their girlfriends and im just there by myself. They've tried setting me up but i never take it further with those girls. I tell myself... "you complain about having no confidence, but God has thrown cute girls in your face, and you're still not doing anything..." to the point where I sometimes feel almost suicidal. I wouldn't actually kill myself over this, but it gets to that point of frustration, where all I think is "your mind is so scared, what's the point". If im too afraid of small things like this, how i can i overcome the bigger challenges life throws at me. I'm just tired of this. I'm tired of living the same life everyday, and failing to grab that change when the opportunity arises. I don't have many friends so going to parties is a rare occasion for me
I'm too nervous to talk to girls I find attractive. How can I overcome this?
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