Ladies - Do You Find "Lone Wolf" Men As Sexy?

It's funny... in our society today, people are afraid of doing things by themselves. For example, my Mom stays inside the house all day long on the weekends and is always bored. When I ask her why she doesn't go out and do something, she says she wants someone to go out with or it won't be fun.

When I go to the gym, night clubs, bars, etc... you always see other women with their friends or guys with their friends. It seems people get to used to being around other people and cannot function correctly if they have to do things alone.

I am 25, and over the years, all of my friends moved around to different locations around the USA and lead different lives. I still talk to them, but we obviosuly aren't hanging out (since they live in different states) With that, I had to learn to adapt to being alone and doing my own thing. On weekends, you can find me doing the following:

-Going to the bookstore, coffee houses or restaurants.
-Going to the gym to workout or take fitness classes
-Walking around the park or sitting down on a bench and reading a book
-Going to the mall to look around and people watch
-Going downtown and just walking around
-Going to bars, clubs, lounges and strip clubs

I do all of these activities alone. When people in these venues ask me who I am with, I laugh at them and tell them I am alone and I create my own party and they are usually shocked and amazed. One woman told me that it is incredible sexy when a man doesn't need anyone to have fun.

What is your take on this? Do you view a man who is always alone and doing his own thing as strange? Do you think this is a sexy trait to have?
Being a loner is a sexy trait
Being a loner is strange
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lol... tl;dr
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It's funny to me reading all these posts and people talking about lone people have social anxiety, being depressed, etc, etc. For the record:

-I work in sales and in a very social environment where communication in important
-I do talk to people, but I don't feel the need to hang out 24/7
-A lot of the people I have met lately post-college are very judgmental, so... instead of putting up with that crap and pretending they are my "friends" I roll alone.
Ladies - Do You Find "Lone Wolf" Men As Sexy?
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