Guys, do you let a girl take a sip of your drink?

Would you offer a girl to drink from your pint of beer, if you didn't have any romantic feelings for her? Or is it because you like the person?

This has happened to me a few occasions with a guy friend of mine, and in particular a few nights ago , we all went out with friends, and my drink was taken away from me by the waitress (who thought I had finished it). When I realised it was gone, I said "oh my drink is gone... I didn't even finish it" and then he moved his beer glass to the side of the table to me ( I was sitting next to him ) and he said "you can share mine", and I said "don't worry about it" as I know he loves his beer and then he insisted, and I said "are you sure?" and he said yes.

Even with soft drinks, he would have a sip from the can of coke and then give it to me to tell me to "try some", as if I haven't tasted fizzy drinks before... I haven't seen him share drinks with anyone else.
Guys, do you let a girl take a sip of your drink?
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