Fuck buddy said that he loves me?

We started off as co-workers who made small talk. Then I started feeling myself sexually attracted to him. He felt the same way. We became fuck buddies. We've been fuck buddies for 6 months now. He's been acting different lately, getting jealous of other guys. He left a hickey on me. He's never done either of those things before. Then out of nowhere he tells that he loves me. No, it wasn't during sex. We had sex yesterday but not today. We were just hanging out and he tells me that. What the fuck? Is he just playing with my head? He was the one who was anti-relationship and now this? I am so confused. No alcohol is involved, but maybe he took some kind of drugs or something? What would make a fuck buddy say this? Manipulation?
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Well, it's looking more like he was just saying it to mess with my head. He's been ignoring me ever since then. What an ass.
Fuck buddy said that he loves me?
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