GUYS DO all boys act like this around their crush?

I'm sorry this is I'm bold, there's something wrong with my computer.

Anyways, i feel like this boy is being a little weird, but is it normal, do all boys act like this towards a crush? There's a boy and a girl in the same class, they don't even know each other. But since the beginning of the year, the boy has taken an interest in the girl by always staring at her. This continued the entire year. Here is what he does:
-stares at her a LOT. Sometimes he looks away when she catches him, sometimes be continues to ogle with wide eyes and raised eyebrows.

-is always the one to initiate the conversation and it's always a two sentence convo in which he compliments her grades, her artwork, her essays, or just her in general, though he's never commented on her looks

-defends her in class when she doesn't know an answer and even got protective when someone giggled about it

-has told the teacher it was unfair to compare other kids to her because she was on a higher level

-sits in seats that give him a better view of her

-is always trying to see what she writes in her notebook and asks for her artbook

-gets all nervous when he's around her, biting his nails, fixing his hair, stuttering, and getting alert if she even smiles at a joke of his

-is always gesturing to make room for her and stopping to hold out doors for her

-finds ways to be alone with her even once abandoning his group of friends, and waiting back for her to catch up to him so they could walk down a stairway alone together, and perfectly matching her pace

-is always trying to get info about her frorm others

Hrs also really loud and introverted and talks to all the boys nd girls in class, but always hesitates before approaching her, and only says things that seem really calculated, which are usually just compliments
GUYS DO all boys act like this around their crush?
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