I have a DELIMA (Awkward shy guy who I think has a crush in me!!!)?

first time he saw me he would stair w/ bewilderment And actually turn his chair to look at me. Ididn’t care cz I am used to guys staring but caught my attention!!!
I didn’t care
but it got to a point where I thought, I’ll just look into his eyes while he does it , so I did! & it was like a damn starring contest! He then eventually turned away?
Now it’s been several months, he didn’t stop !
I tried to approach him he responded to a hello once barely & never answered again so I let him be, he’d ignore me or look away.
After a while he’s back at it again!!! This time when I look back he gets tense so either he gets up n leave or looks away & hv this weird mad hate look on his face I can’t seem to comprehend?
Ok so after a while, we met crossing paths I smiled at him he didn’t smile back he’s eyes got wide n he looked away !! I keep catching him staring sometimes with a smile other times wide eyed!
Apparently, He has no prob talking to anyone Men or the girls BUT me... I decided to approach him I gave him a cake and coffee he was happy about it ! A couple of days after I was coming towards him ( wanted to get into another person office ) n I knew he was already starring so I looked up n I caught him he was so deeply into it n smiling I looked at him waved hello and said will “happy,,,,,” it was an occasion we had. He closed his mouth blinked rapidly sat straight n grabbed the mouse n answered me with such a sucky way like he gave me the vibes of go away! Answered while looking at his screen n with a low pitch!! N didn’t look at me again for the rest of the day.
I thought he was a shy socially awkward guy n that he likes me n if I approach him a couple of time n try to start a small talk that it would break the ice or encourage him somehow! But no it’s like I’m annoying him?
I really need to know you guys should I completely and utterly just forget the idea of him and let it be ! Or try harder? It’s making me feel bad cause I don’t ever do this EVER.
I have a DELIMA (Awkward shy guy who I think has a crush in me!!!)?
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