Approach a cute guy at the gym?


About three weeks ago I noticed this dude looking over at me multiple times. I didn't think much of it at first, besides that he wasn't unapealing to look at. I figured it was just coincedence and he even was looking all over the place. Two weeks later I saw him again, quite unexpected to be honest. To my, perhaps, surprise I noticed he looked my way during his set. I thought it'd be impolite to stare as he was busy and didn't want to disturb him. Later on when I went for a cooling down we locked eyes again, but he was busy with his reps so I quickly looked away.

I'm not sure how to go about approaching him, especially 'cause he seemed to be wearing earplugs. On top of that I'm not quite sure if it'd be okay to get in contact with a guy at a gym. I mean he's there to work-out not socialize, and it could be I'm just imagening things. But then again I'll never know when it's the last time our schedules meet up and I really want to push myself to try something.

How to go about this? Or would you prefer to be left alone?

Approach a cute guy at the gym?
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