Why do guys treat me like a man?

have an IT job and for this reason I spend most of my time surrounded by men. In addition, all my friends from college are guys.

There is this group of guys with whom I hang out on a daily basis, and they treat me as if I were a guy. They will often tell me things like "look at that pretty blond over there!" or "wow, look, that girl is really hot". Sometimes they seem to have forgotten that I'm a girl and I'm not a lesbian. This is so frustrating. Besides, they often make sexist jokes or talk about topics that make me feel very uncomfortable.

At work, I am often asked to do carry heavy things. One day my boss scolded be for being too slow repairing a computer. They could clearly see I was having trouble unscrewing a CPU box and nobody offered to help me. Again, treating me like a man, forgetting I'm not as strong as they are...

Recently I had a crush on someone who is not dating anyone, and told me he wants a mail-order bride as he can't find a girlfriend (that is, he doesn't even think of me as a potential partner).

Oh, and my Chinese friend transliterated my name using certain characters that are preferable for male names.

What can I do to be treated as a girl? I'm rather feminine, I'm not a tomboy...
Why do guys treat me like a man?
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