Why does he keep popping in and out of my life?

So this guy happens to be an old EX crush/fwb. We have a good sex life, but we started to have problems. We are good now an days, we're just currently seeing other people and he still sleeping around as his usual. I decided to cut The Sex off since like 2017. But yet he still comes around. Now just to get to my actually question: I get it he comes back when he wants some and doesn't have anyone else to sleep with. But why is he so pressed on wanting to sleep with me so bad. I would think that he would just go on to the next girl like he didn't when I don't give him any. Now I'm not sure if he has feelings for me still. But he is always on and off with me, and I get it, he talks with other girls and sex them. But I never had something like this won't happen, so why return when he can be with other chick?
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Why does he keep popping in and out of my life?
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