All Men think women are gold diggers😢?

Lately there's been an influx of guys calling all us girls gold diggers and it happens very often now. I am so completely sick of men calling us gold diggers. Every other guy on here keeps saying women are gold diggers and that we all only want their money and that's the only way we are attracted to them.
no matter how you explain them and how often you tell them that its not true, they keep doing this bullshit over and over again and every day they will say women are all gold diggers. They're so stubborn and lump us together because of how many gold diggers? 3? 6? 10? Yeah, i know, gold diggers are out there and i hate them as much as everybody else does.
but how am i supposed to have faith in men now when they keep calling us all gold diggers? Do men have any amount of respect left for us women?
i can't take it anymore! I'm so done for!
All Men think women are gold diggers😢?
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