Why lie about having feelings?

We all know we have a strong hook up culture in this society. We've to an extent accepted it even though we're one of the most miserable and lonely generations yet. I'm not dissing on casual flings. But with the way things are and the fact that we all know.

Why do people lie and say they have feelings or care about you and use calculated moves and efforts to get you to trust them and feel a certain type of way?

Invoking feelings in the person you're dating as a means of control? Or is it something else. Basically I don't see the point of using tactics to produce feelings in someone else that you don't yourself feel. What is that about?
A fling is a fling. We're all aware. It doesn't need manipulative tactics to stay afloat.
It really seems messed up to me.

Am i the only one who thinks this way?
Why lie about having feelings?
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