HELP!! Does he like me or does he think I like him?

I met this guy we would say hey in passing that was all, now after few weeks we chat when we see each other. We chatted one day & then couple days later he sent me friend request. Next time i seen him we chatted & i caught him looking at me as i walked past, later on he was walking past & he looked at me & smiled. Then i was at party & he was not there but his friend was i have never met this friend before. He came over told me he was his friend & said the guy had asked him to ask me for a favour. I dont understand why he would not contact me himself to ask for favour why get his friend to ask. Honestly the friend could have done the favour for him, the friend told me he told him he would do it & not ask me & guy told him no ask her to do it for me. I did favour & he text me to say thanks. I do not understand is he intrested in me or wants to be friends. Do you think he likes me more than friend? I am not sure what to do
HELP!! Does he like me or does he think I like him?
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