Why would a guy block me then randomly unblock me?

So there’s this guy, he was close friends with my boyfriend. He always seemed very jealous of mine and my boyfriends relationship, and would often come over to our house and ask to spend time with me. Well it’s been a while since we’ve seen this guy but he was still my friend on Facebook. One day, out of nowhere, he messaged me while he was drunk on Facebook saying he wants to kill himself. I didn’t see his message until the next morning and I tried my best to comfort him but he never replied. Then a few days later, he messaged me while drunk again in the middle of the night, calling me a b**** and a sl*t, then he messaged my boyfriend telling him he’s a slave to me and that I don’t care about him. This was completely out of the blue , my boyfriend and I were both completely shocked. Then the friend blocked both of us before we could reply to the messages. That happened about a month ago. Then today I noticed that he unblocked me on messenger, but it still looked like he had me blocked on Facebook itself. Why would he randomly unblock me like this?
Why would a guy block me then randomly unblock me?
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