Does a Man Purposely Mention his Wife?

Sometimes I’ll be having a work-related conversation or completely friendly one with my colleagues and I realise some of them mention their wives.

For example, we were talking about Morocco and my colleague said “yes I went there with my wife”. Or another responded to my question about his time off from work “yes I had a great time with my fiancée”.

Am I overthinking it or would they purposely mention their wives?

Also FYI it’s during a completely friendly conversation :)
1 y
FYI for clarification: I’m making sure I don’t give off the wrong vibe to married men! :)
1 y
I love how some of you assume you know my life just from the interaction I have on GAG. You guys know nothing about me at alllll LOL.

I’m not jealous or desperate to get into a commitment — I’ve been one 1 relationship although I’m 23 (and ended that myself) because I look for value and I am value.
Does a Man Purposely Mention his Wife?
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