Guys, Is he using me for sex? Is he confused about what he wants? Does he secretly still care?

Q #1:Why does he still want a connection?
My boyfriend left me a few weeks ago after 4 years ( a day after I lose our second baby to a miscarriage). During the breakup he said that he didn’t see a future with me anymore, but said we could still be friends. Since the break up we have talked everyday. Right after he continued to flirt w/ me and even sent dirty pics, and videos of us w/ dirty captions as if he were reminiscing. I sent dirty pics and captions back, and we both talked about sex in future tense, but this all really confused me & kept me in my feelings about us which he didn’t like. It wasn’t until two weeks later that I asked what the status of our relationship was, and he replied “ we are not together”. I quickly explained to him that while I loved him & didn’t want to Just be his “friend”, I could not be in a “friends w/ benefits” relationship w/ him. I was however willing to do it one last time ( pregnancy hormones were still raging & we had sex a lot before he went away to work). He then replied that he didn’t want it to be one last time, we were either going to be friends w/ benefits no emotions or no sex. I stupidly gave in to him & we agreed to it the next time that he came home from leave.

Q#2: Does he still care?
Things got even more confusing when I posted a picture normal face picture and he screenshot it to me saying that I was seeking attention, and even screenshot a picture of my likes list where it shows that an ex loved it ( I was w/two other guys after this ex before i met my boyfriend so he wasn’t a “newer” ex. I dated this ex 8 years ago & have zero attraction to him anymore). He bashed me and said I was getting the attention I wanted, then proceeded to say he didn’t care because I wasn’t his problem, only to ask “why TF are y’all still friends on Facebook is the real question?” I don’t get it why he ask me to keep feelings out and says I’m not his problem but still get made about a picture my ex from years ago liked.
Guys, Is he using me for sex? Is he confused about what he wants? Does he secretly still care?
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