Guys, would you date a girl that you’re not attracted to?

So, I was dumped. My ex told me that he didn’t even find me attractive and proceeded to make fun of my body.

We met through mutual friends and another girl had liked him also and this particular girl was actually very pretty. Yet he didn’t date her or do anything with her. I told a friend I liked him, my friend told him and he started talking to me.

HE asked me out. HE initiated texts and convos with me. And HE asked me to be his girlfriend.

He initiated the breakup by the way. Said that I annoyed him and wanted to be left alone. He THEN told me he only used me our entire relationship for sex and never loved me. We were together for a year

He told me the only thing he found attractive about me were my breasts. And that he didn’t go for the prettier girl that liked him because prettier girls are more work. How was she more work if she already liked him?

I’m just confused. Why ask me out if he never thought I was attractive? If he only wanted me for sex, he could’ve just made it clear from the beginning. Why lie and make an entire one year relationship just to have sex with someone?

When he made fun of my body, he called me fat. I’m about 15 pounds overweight. However, he’s more overweight than I am.

Guys, would you be in a relationship with a girl you didn’t find attractive and only use her for sex for this long?
Guys, would you date a girl that you’re not attracted to?
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