Is it normal for my best friends boyfriend to talk about my personal sex life?

Okay so my best friend has been dating this guy for about 4ish months now and I've never really met the guy only once for a few mins. I hangout with my best friend about two times a week and her boyfriend would call her to see what she's up to ya know normal boyfriend stuff. On the phone call he ends up asking who she's with etc and when he hears it's me he then asks if I have a boyfriend and how come I don't etc.

Which sure I don't mind it's just small talk. Recently he's been starting to talk about lesbian stuff and how I've probably done stuff with my best friend since I've known her for about 10 years since we were kids. I'm completely straight so I just brush it off. But then he was saying stuff like if I'm single then do I masturbate and I've probably seen my best friends boobs etc.

Like why would he start talking about my personal sex life and what I do when I don't even know the guy. He is also moving into a new apartment and was saying I could come over and spend the night with my best friend. And that he only has one bed so we would probably share etc. I don't know even when they have sex somehow my best friend ends up calling me and asks me if I'd wanna hangout says her boyfriend said since he's gonna work I should go over so she won't be lonely. Like am I reading this situation wrong. Or is it weird that her boyfriend keeps asking if I wanna hangout with them and asks about my personal sex life. This is my best friends first genuine boyfriend and I don't know if I'm overreacting but like do guys ask about their girlfriends friends sex life?
Is it normal for my best friends boyfriend to talk about my personal sex life?
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