A guy I was hooking up with cancels 3 times in a row. Why?

So I’ve been hooking up with this guy for maybe two months we’ve only hooked up maybe four times and it’s been really good like the best I’ve ever had and he seemed to enjoy it also. The only problem is he would finish super fast like 3 strokes in fast. The last time we hooked up with the first time I was on top he is super skinny and I wasn’t super comfortable being on top I wasn’t comfortable putting my full weight on him and it was just a lot on my legs to have to keep going that low so I’m not sure if it just wasn’t that good for him he still finished, we went another round after that but the next time we made plans to hookup he nonchalantly canceled like an hour before saying that it’s because his roommate came home from work early the next time he said he was going to the skate shop maybe he would be free later in the day and then the third time once again his roommate is home early. I just feel like it’s bullshit excuses. So my question is is he just not into me? Is the sex not good? Is there someone else? Or is he insecure?
A guy I was hooking up with cancels 3 times in a row. Why?
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