Ex and I reconnected and then he disappeared once again?

After not talking to each other for a whole year my ex texted me unexpectedly the other day. I thought we would never see or talk to each other ever again thought he had left the country and moved somewhere else and he thought the same about me. When I saw the text message I couldn't believe it and took me a few hours to process and reply back. It was a simple message just checking on me but when we realized we were still living near each other he suggested we should hang out. We went for lunch and he was very excited and happy to see me and I was too. The moment I saw him I felt all those feels once again and realized I still like him a lot. We texted each other back and forth for a few more days and decided to meet once again. This time we spent the morning by the pool the vibe was awesome later on we went for lunch and then went home to watch a movie. Things got hot we cuddled but didn't kiss each other or had sex he tried to tho. Later on we had a really deep conversation and I told him how I feel about him and he said beautiful things back. We finally talked about what happened one year ago. Next day he texted me a very sweet message and thanked me for the conversations we had. We texted a few more days but I haven't heard from him in three days now. I'm confused and I feel a bit hurt at this point I feel like he treated me as if I was disposable and probably just wanted sex. Why would a man say all those beautiful things shower you with kisses show so much interest and then disappear? Someone help me please I'm really confused at this point
Ex and I reconnected and then he disappeared once again?
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