Is there a way to quash out mens egos and pain and fear?

Men abuse me verbally because they want to be close to a sweet woman like me but are ignorant (read: unintelligent) and have huge egos. They think I should come crawl to them begging to be in their life in some way. Anyway, I've quashed a few men's roars. Then their soft side becomes apparent. They aren't all hard shell and hard ego.

It does take execution to get the herbit crab to come out its shell.

I realized i have an ego too. This is the inception.

I relate to these men mentally by seeing that I can be unreasonable too in my expectations of how men or people interact with me. I can read into actions inoccrectly and then get mad and build my ego wall stronger. This is bad. But its just me being unintelligent.

Men can do that too.

Ain't nothing smart about mistreating others. So I assume the person doing so is dumb ignorant unintelligent.
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Seems many men misunderstood the question or just read the title and thought i meant harm.
Is there a way to quash out mens egos and pain and fear?
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