My guy friend likes me. What should I do?

I've seen this question a lot on the internet but my case is different. This 'guy friend' - let's call him Mark - isn't my best friend, he is that one friend who I always argue or debate with (in a friendly way). You need to know that I am not allowed to date and I am the most popular girl in my grade - I am always the first in the grade, as well. Mark is quite popular too but he isn't that good on the academic side. His mother is in Dubai - I think his parents are separated as he hasn't seen her in years and he can play the piano very well. I've been friends with him for about 2 or 3 years, now.
There are so many rumours in school that I like another guy and some saying I like Mark. There are rumours that Mark likes me too. I mean, I suspected he liked me and confronted him about the rumours about a year ago, as well. He denied everything and I dropped it.
This is what happened.
He asked one of the girls in my section who is a little crazy - she has issues, to send me a text saying he likes me. Of course, I showed my parents and we chose to ignore it.
Hey ---, --- likes you.
She sent this to me more than a month ago.
Yesterday, I received a message from him containing a file labelled, 'Confession'.
I was at a Christmas Party and didn't see this till today morning.
I downloaded the file and read it.
Ok so basically I like you and uhm I don’t want to waste your time I mean its Christmas and all even thought it was yesterday ;-; well here’s a confession and im not going to do some bad pick up lines coz I know it won’t work and sorry to waste your time on this enjoy the rest of the year and merry Christmas

P. S : I kinda used ----- to tell you and she’s telling me to tell you to reply to her message with a :)
I am 12 and he is 13. I am confused about my feelings - I don't think I like him. Even if I did, what would I do?
I need advice.
Also, I didn't reply yet and I didn't tell my parents - I don't feel comfortable doing so.
What do I do?
21 d
All your answers helped... but, I didn't know how to reply...
I left him on read.
This is the first time someone has sent me a text saying they are crushing on me... but most boys tell me face to face and I always brush it off smoothly but... I don't know... this is different... help pls!!!
What do I reply with?
My guy friend likes me. What should I do?
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