How can I save my relationship?

I met this guy 3 months ago whom I have fallen hard for. We met at the club and were inseparable for the first 24hrs of meeting. Not only is he a 6’6 god but he has the sweetest and kindest personality and the sex is amazing. He loves showing me off to his friends and you can just tell how proud he is to be with me. Everything was going well until a week ago. We were hanging out and he started asking me if I would date him and just generally hinting that he wants more. I told him I wanted more too. We had a few drinks and had sex and got into an argument after that. We were both pretty drunk so I can’t remember what we argued about but it was something really minor and stupid. I just remember leaving and going home in the middle of the night. I texted him the next morning to see if he’s ok and he left me on read. I decided to give him some space so I let a week pass. I texted him last night asking if we’re ever going to talk again. He said “After the way you acted last week hell nah”. I apologized for my behavior but also let him know he was rude too but I don’t want to argue and just move on from this. He responded “yeah ok”. So I asked him if we could speak on the phone which he agreed to. I went to the restroom before I called him just to see that he was calling me. He couldn’t wait 60 seconds for me to call him. He was being immature on phone giving me one word answers. He wasn’t mean or anything but he wasn’t trying to have a conversation either and kept telling me he is going to bed now. I send him a text after the call saying that I want him to know that I care about him and I apologize if upset him because I don’t like going apart in anger. He left me on read again. I think I’ve lost him for good now and it hurts so much. I don’t know what to do because this made me realize I actually do love him.
How can I save my relationship?
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