Why do the men I’m with refuse to tell me I’m beautiful?

Hi everyone,

Men who haven’t been with me have told me I’m beautiful and desirable, even men who had nothing to gain from saying it. However, the two guys I’ve been with not only didn’t say it, they flat out refused to sometimes.

I’ve been with two very different guys so far.

I was only with the first guy for a few days (ended terribly, don’t ask), and no matter how hard I hinted, he didn’t want to tell me I was pretty, even when I was naked in bed with him. I literally asked if he thought I had a “nice face” (cringing at myself rn) and he said “yes, you have a nice face” LOL.

I spent six months with the second guy, and after a few months, I practically begged him to say it, so he gave in (pathetic, I know). He said that he “didn’t think he needed to because it was obvious he thought so, otherwise he wouldn’t have sex with me so often”. To his credit, he did say I have a hot body, and after lots of arguing he did call me pretty several times over the 6 months.

And before anyone asks, yes, I did compliment them on their looks, intelligence, personality, etc… wayy before I asked them to compliment me.

I’m 21, 5’6’’, athletic, dirty-blonde, blue eyes, with a baby face, weird-looking nose and cheeks that are too big for my age. I think I’m at least a bit pretty, but definitely not as pretty as a conventionally beautiful woman. When I was a kid I thought I was gorgeous, but considering the fact that I lost my virginity at 21 (after boys my age rarely showed interest in me my whole life) and even the guys I was with didn’t find me that pretty, I’ve had a reality check 🤣. Combined with constant street harassment and catcalling since I was 13, my self-esteem is doing great!

I just think that if you’re with a girl, you’d find her at least a bit pretty? So why not say it? I don’t know, I’m feeling very confused. I want to be attractive, especially because I put work into my looks. Also, I KNOW I’m pathetic, don’t remind me in the comments 😂.

Thanks guys.
Why do the men I’m with refuse to tell me I’m beautiful?
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