Are these examples of a guy liking someone? Being toxic and insecure?


My experience with the opposite sex is terrible and i would like your point of you in some things I have noticed from a co-worker, please.

- He gets passive aggressive with me when he is stressed at work.

- He tells me what i should be drinking? for example was told not to drink soda, while others are drinking the same drink.

- Always feels like he needs to explain himself, if he has done something that has frustrated me.

- Talks to other co-workers about their sex lives, but if mine get brought up he goes quiet.

- Is more than happy to have a conversation with my parents and brags to them about all the girls who flirt with him. WTF...

- When saying goodbye the other day, hugged everyone goodbye except me. But is totally okay to get in my personal space on other occasions.

- He says my full name more times in 1 shift, than my family members do in a day.

- I notice it is easier for him to talk to other girls than it is to talk to me.

- When another male co-worker (who has had a crush on me) is around he lingers around more than when he usually would.

- In meetings, sits either across from me or next to me, but mostly across.

- He is flirty and gives more banter towards me when he has had alcohol.

I know these are childish and its frustrates me too, i want to speak to him about it, but I don't know how to approach this situation but i do want to understand from other peoples perspective of his behaviours towards me.

Thank you

Are these examples of a guy liking someone? Being toxic and insecure?
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