Does my guy friend like me?

me and my guy friend have been close friends for about 6 months and lately i’ve been noticing things that i think aren’t normal for a friendship.

for starters we talk every day from morning to like 3 am and it’s a nonstop conversation on many social media platforms. he always flirts with me through his words and his actions.

he looks at my lips, he puts his hand on my thigh, he looks very deeply into my eyes, he calls me ugly as a joke but then says i look good, he hugs me and grabs my waist and just overall flirts a lot with me.

one day he invited me to a party and we both got drunk and that day he was very touchy with me, so much like never before which made me question our friendship a lot. our friendship is very weird because we always tease each other and call each other funny things but we’ve both said we do it in a caring way.

my friends have told me that they see this amazing chemistry between us and think we’re gonna end up together. people always ask us about each other and even his friends have asked me about him.

yet neither of us have ever said anything about us being more than friends which is why it’s confusing for me because he does all these things like physical contact but he’s never said anything to me about how he feels which is why i’m not sure what his true feelings are.

Does my guy friend like me?
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