Are we in the talking stage or just friends?


So I am a junior in high school and I added this other guy named Matt who is also a junior, on snapchat. We started out just snapping back and forth, then about a week ago we started talking some.

There was a guy who was saying creepy things to me on snapchat and this other guy (not Matt) would not leave me alone. I told Matt and he said I could make a group chat and he would talk to him. Matt talked to him and said if he didn’t leave me alone, he would beat the crap out of him.

Now, we mostly just talk about goofy stuff, but I have opened up to him about my ex who was abusive. He told me that if I ever decided to go to the cops about my abusive ex, that he would be willing to go with me. He also said that I deserved better, and that if he would have known me when it all happened, that he would beat the crap out of him. He told me multiple times that if I ever need to talk that he is always there. And when I was crying he instantly asked why I was crying and tried to comfort me and calm me down.

He also sends me working out pics, mirror pics and flexing pics. The problem is, I’m not sure if he sends them to just me or group snaps because his snap score goes up by like 20 sometimes. He also told me a few days ago that I am #2 on his best friends list, and he has a lot of people on snap I think

He also asked me one day “So when are we gonna hang”. I wasn’t sure what to say and I asked what he meant. He said “nothing lol” and just played it off. He said he would quit football if it meant he got to hang out with me. He also asks when I’m going to come pick him up because I drive and he doesn’t have his license yet.(maybe jokingly)

My question is, do you think he likes me and would you say we are in the “talking stage”? Or is he just a teen boy and flirts with other girls like this (player) ? And if I like him but don’t want to make things awkward, where should I go from here?

*we have never met in real life. He goes to another school. I only met him through Snap

Are we in the talking stage or just friends?
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