Am I really that attractive?


Before moving to a new town a year abd half ago to be with my boyfriend I was never considered that attractive.

I got a few boys chasing after me but they were alway fuck boyz or freaks. Any guy I actually liked before my boyfriend came along would usually reject me and it almost be a joke to them but I even thought I had a chance.

I got really depressed and thought I'd never be in a happy relationship until my friend got me out my self pity and he sent me up a tinder. I got a lot of matches but that's only because it's tinder and I'm a girl. I got a few guys talking to me and I had one terrible date and I was about ready to give up again until I came across my boyfriend who was in the exact same situation as me.

We've been in a 4 year relationship, have a house together and are very much in love and want to spend the rest of our life's together.

When I first moved from the city to this town I was a very different girl from who I am now. I was very shy, Introverted, I had gained a lot of weight and had mole I was really self conscious on my nose.

I instantly lose a tone of weight and went down a dress size. I started making new friends, I had that mole removed and my confidence starred picking up along with everything else. No day is prefect but I feel genuinely happy in my life for once.

I'm always smiling and I'm very friendly at work and I think that is the real reason as to why I'm all a sudden the hot girl at work.

Every day I'm getting guys hitting on me, asking me out etc which I find super strange because I never had male attention like this before. There's girls at my work who are single and way more beautiful then me but I seem to be the one on everyone's lips at the moment.

I always look super frazzled at work too lol 😆.

It's also super awkward because I keep getting chatted up by 19 year olds who don't realise how old I am.

Am I really that attractive?
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