The married Principal of the college has been behaving strangely around me. What should I do?


He is 57 years old and is the principal of my college.

He is married with children, of course.

We know each other for more than a year.

He respects me and values me for my hard work, sincerity and intelligence. He also helps and supports me. He considers me a disciplined student who deserves utmost respect.

But here are some questionable and unusual things he did with me:

Praises me frequently and openly in public, in the presence of all professors and students. Praises me to his higher ups as well. Calling me his "Dear girl".

Tries to talk to me whenever he sees me, even if I ignore him. He enjoys saying my name everytime he sees me. He grins a lot at me. He is very gentle and lenient towards me. He's usually a very strict teacher.

Caresses and plays with my notebooks and other belongings while teaching. Remains standing near my bench while teaching most of the time.

Often stares at me during the lecture.

Tells me jokes to make me laugh.

Does not go to the back of the classroom during the lecture.

Only when he has to deal with some misbehaving students, he moves. Otherwise remains near my bench.

Watches my WhatsApp Status regularly.

Gives me phone calls occasionally on special days. Such as Exam Result day, when I achieve something great, etc. I asked my classmates if they receive such calls, they said no.

He has put a profile picture where he's giving a speech. But I am there in the audience listening to him. It's visible in his profile picture. My face isn't visible but I recognised my clothes. There are only 7 students visible in the picture. That picture has been his profile picture for a long time now.

Expresses interest in my things. Asked me the name of the model of my phone and its price when he saw it in my hand.

Somehow arrives at the college at the same time when I arrive in the morning.

Our building is on the third floor. He often climbs the stairs with me and speaks to me as we climb.

The married Principal of the college has been behaving strangely around me. What should I do?
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