Does the army really prepare you just to be a "soldier"?


Sooo just watched a little video of a game that wasn't a horror story but one where a soldier gets mentally fked up as he forgets that he was there to save folks, not kill them... but he accidentally killed them. :c Just following the orders of another "important soldier" that turned out to have been long dead. (guy was talking to a ghost and seemed to wanted to blame it on this ghost of why all these folks were dead).

But this also sparks the memory of how I witnessed a few privates collecting water from a rainpool in the grass... and putting it down the drain with a bucket. As well as a man who drilled a nice fine whole in metal... then sealed with fresh metal. So for those who are in the army (AND I MEAN JUST THE ARMY, THAT'S THE ONE WE'RE TALKING ABOUT) is that why folks come home... just not there in the head? Because they're taught to follow orders and when they can't, they're discharged or worse?

Yeah, i probably ain't making much sense of this but... i feel like i dodged a bullet.

Yes. Just another... soldier.
No, being a solider is more than just following orders!
... I'm a Foot massa- (other)
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Does the army really prepare you just to be a "soldier"?
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