Boyfriend made facebook account?

We are 29 years old. I met him at university in August 2023 and he already had a girlfriend (4 years) when we met but I was liked him very much and got close to him. I would ask him to come and see me in my dorm room and take pictures together. He's an activist too so we spoke a lot about leftist politics.

On his birthday, I posted our picture together wish him haply birthday and thank you for being part of my crew ❤️ and saved it in my highlights on instagram. I posted several other photos too and by October and November, he had broken up with his girlfriend and started hanging out with me.

He's very good looking so I really wanted to show him off to my friends and family on Facebook. So I asked him to make a Facebook for me. Initially, he was resistant but then he agreed and made an account with me as his only friend and our pic (him holding me with a very goofy face) .

This proves he loves me a lot right as he never had a Facebook for his last girlfriend?

Boyfriend made facebook account?
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