GUYS ONLY!! Will more guys chase after me when I'm skinny?

My cousin is a toothpick and she had 30 guys chasing after her in university. Her boyfriend spent 2 years chasing her before they started going out. They have been together for 5 years and have not had sex. .AS well in university and he was the president of the student body, had a 95% average in school, and extremely good looking. My cousin was unintelligent, lazy, shallow, stuck up and not that pretty but she was very skinny.

'm losing 1 pound every 2 day and this morning I lost 2 pounds. I'm on the atkins diet, where you don't eat any carbs. (When you don't eat carbs, your body turns fat into sugar, that's where the weigh loss comes from) I want to know if men will pursue me and chase after me if I'm skinny? I was 195 pounds when I started this diet 4 weeks ago and now I'm 178. Do you think guys will chase after me if I'm 90 pounds? I used to be 110 and even then, I was considered "fat" (I was wide, and big, and round) and my close friends who loved me very much told me to work out in the gym so 110 is not ridiculously skinny for me. I gained all this weight by eating out at jackastors, red lobster, and other abominable restaurants every single day. If I ate like a normal person, I'd be 100 pounds.

I'm 23 years old and no guys has EVER pursued me. They either don't ask me out or ask me out once and then give up after I reject them. Some of them flirt with me, and then lose interest when I don't throw myself at them or tell them I won't have sex with them EVER!I want to be pursued by the man that I marry later on, so that I know he actually wants me.

GUYS ONLY!! Will more guys chase after me when I'm skinny?
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