What is Hypotonia and How does it affect me?

What is Hypotonia?

Hypotonia is a muscle condition which effects the Muscle Tone, Dexterity and strength of the Body, unlike a normal human body I can't develop muscles not matter how hard I train.

When was I diagnosed with Hypotonia?

I think I was about 4 or 5 when I was diagnosed with it.

Have you had to give up something you wanted because of it.

Yes. As a child I always dreamt of being a football/soccer player, as a 13 year old I always dreamt about walking out at Old Trafford but I was told It would neve come true.

When was the turning point when you accepted it was apart of you?

I was 26 And starting a college and just decided to make it my own.

How does it affect your daily life?

The big affect is the physical toll it has on me, I have to use twice the energy to move around there for I hit my fatigue quicker there for I get tired and sleepy more often. Apart from that Job wise There is a very few jobs i can actually do and A few I would like to try. I have been bullied because How different I am and It has been hard to find love. Till April this year where I found the love of my life.

You have spoken about your Learning difficulties can you elaborate on them?

So on top of being "physical broken" according to almost every girl I have liked I'm also "Mentally Broken" as well, My learning age is half my actually age so my development was delayed, I didn't learn out to ride a bike till I was 13, learn to swim when i was 16. This also impact how I act or say things - I aren't using it as an excuse to why something happens. I might at times act childish and say things without knowing its either wrong or right. I don't have Malice if Someone hurts me I rather forget and move on.

What is Hypotonia and How does it affect me?
What is Hypotonia and How does it affect me?
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  • Massageman
    Thanks for the research on this. You have - essentially- the opposite of my condition, myotonia- excessive toning of the muscles. Mine is male genetically linked and resident on the 19th gene. My father had it and I started showing signs of it in my 40's.

    This does not mean that I have bulging muscles like Lou Ferrigno. My muscles are a bit under average to average size, yet the basic tightness of the muscle fibers is high.

    Because the muscle fibers are tight to begin with, it doesn't take long for them to tire out. So, my muscles are not happy doing nothing, and they aren't happy doing stressful work. But I can do slow-paced, low resistance actions- such as walking- for long periods.

    Check with your doctors to see if adding calcium to your diet to help muscles trigger would be of benefit. ( Calcium is required for muscle fibers to trigger, while magnesium helps them relax.)
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    • Unfortuneitly its nothing to do the respetors its the muscles themselves, I drink plenty of milk.

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