The truth about visible abs and men's health!


People often associate abs with ultimate fitness. Covers of men's health magazines always have a man with very low body fat % right on the cover

Arms + ABS, 20lbs gone!
Arms + ABS, 20lbs gone!
Seduce her with style! Eight pack abs! One night stand!
Seduce her with style! Eight pack abs! One night stand!
Lose your Gut! Two women at once!
Lose your Gut! Two women at once!

These magazine covers are actually quite disturbing.

Aside from promoting essentially all the behaviors I see women on this very site complain about often. Fuckboism. Objectification of sexuality. Fitness levels changing personality somehow. Vulgarity.

The level of strict dieting to get to this point is just... bad for mental health and arguably isn't actually healthy in the first place. There's absolutely no reason why 15%- 20% body fat isn't good enough to be strong and healthy:

Same guy at different body fat %s
Same guy at different body fat %'s

A lot of guys try to go for 10% or less for dramatic abs. But here's the problem, go under 8% and you start killing yourself. The body needs essential fat for organ health before it begins eating the organs in leu of fat storage. And if you have no fat deposits, at all, then how will you tolerate physical activity without losing muscle mass? Eat a ton of carbs?! It isn't realistic or practical.

Ultimately your body knows what it needs. You should eat to your appetite, not to your ideal reflection in the mirror. Enjoy your food, train and be happy.


The truth about visible abs and men's health!
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  • Dongtai
    How do you know they’re all unhealthy though? Have you actually had any formal interviews with guys who have abs and got your own research or did you just pull stuff up online?

    Yeah there’s people who starve themselves but there’s also people who just take care of themselves and love to be fit. Abs are muscles. They can be built. You don’t get them by starving. You actually lose muscle when you starve yourself. You can tell the difference between someone who starves themselves and someone who is building their body. The build is different.

    I’m not denying that there are people who starve themselves. Some people do cheat either with steroids or starving themselves. But there are people out there who just look good and do everything the right way to look that way.

    We should start encouraging eachother to do things the correct way instead of knocking the people who look successful at it. Achieving those magazine looks take time, effort, patience and dedication. It can be done without cheating but it’s HARD. That’s why they’re on magazine covers. It’s an achievement not everyone has what it takes to get it. It doesn’t mean they got it by harming themselves. Maybe they earned it?

    Like I said I would actually interview these people or fit guys. You appear to be at a gym in your picture. Find some people with abs both male and female, interview them and find out how they got abs. Some people actually earn the look they walk around with and it does them a disservice to say “Oh. Well they must be starving themselves.” No. Maybe she had high standards for herself and meets them. Maybe she works out regularly and only eats what her body needs and doesn’t overdo it.
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    • Robertcw

      Yes, however how else do you have zero external body fat? Calorie deficit is the only way unless maybe you have maintenance calories down to exact numbers.

    • Dongtai

      Nobody has zero body fat. Google starving people in third world countries. That’s as close to zero body fat that you’ll get.

      You don’t get a body like the ones in the magazines overnight. It’s a process. Those people have been working out and eating correctly for years. They also have the advantage of time and money to access prestige workout regime and healthy foods.

      But even a regular person can get that look. But you have to be consistent for a long time. A cheat day a couple days a week can hurt you. If you go half a year or even a couple of months of consistent working out and healthy dieting you’ll see progress. Calorie deficit is for people who are trying to lose weight. You’re supposed to try and lose 1-2 lbs a week. There’s 5 weeks in a month so imagine trying to lose 30 pounds. That’s 6 months assuming you’re consistently losing 1 pound a week. It’s the same for gaining muscle. It doesn’t happen overnight, it’s time and dedication.

      So if you already have bad eating habits and aren’t used to working out regularly it’s not going to be easy. You’re basically rewiring your brain. That’s why it should be a lifestyle choice to be fit not a goal of “getting a nice body”. Naturally your body will be good if you regularly workout and eat healthily. It’s should be like brushing your teeth. Something you must do not something on the side.

      Just because those bodies aren’t common doesn’t mean they were built by unhealthy means. It’s possible to just be a healthy person who works out regularly. It’s just more common not to so people will point out potential negatives instead of being inspired to change their habits.

    • Texaskid1

      Well said.

      But I wonder if people with that look are hungry all the time. I have been eorking out for years and U can never perfect the diet. There comes a point where I am hungry all the time and that effects my mood and energy levels.

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  • Pejtu
    If u think that the guys with abs are not on steroids u are fkn stupid :D

    Because as a gym member since 5 years myself going there 3 times a week i do not have abs visible like the 10% fat guy , after steroids its only possible to achieve that , and if u care more about good look in the mirror then well ur life if u die i dont give a F
    MEABY u can ge this kind of abs when u are not eating as much as you should and u train fkn 7 times a week few hours for months if not at least a year , then meaby yes

    And side effects of steroids are - brain damage , smaller dick and balls ( thats 100% truth ) , erectile dysfunction , basically u cannot get hard on its not possible for this kind of guys , and many many more

    I once heard a story when a really cute looking girl left her boyfriend because his dick was smaller then her finger ( yes he took steroids for 9 years ) and she said that she left him after 8 months because of that
    Secondly i know many personal trainers or other older gym fanatics that told me face to face they are doing steroids and if i wanna buy some too so yeah - no thanks
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Most Helpful Girls

  • sejla
    I follow kpop and the abs thing is a big thing in the industry. How they get the abs is a bit scary because I know part of it is calorie restriction. Many end too. My fear is that they are not taking enough food in and the right kind of food and they could have long term health effects from it. When people are young they can get away with not eating right or they think they can but it can hit them like a wall when they hit 40, 50 or 60.

    Now if a man is eating a well balance healthy diet and enough calories and can be fit then I don't have a problem with it. Some men just are more prone to having lean muscle mass so they can look buffed without having to eat restricted food diets.
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    • Robertcw

      Doesn't surprise me with the Koreans. Easily one of the most superficial and vapid cultures in the world.

      They probably are starving themselves for the abs. Plastic surgery in Korea is also extremely common especially among kpop stars.

    • sejla

      I don't think Koreans are any more vapid than Americans. Americans were doing the starving thing in the 90s and it isn't uncommon for American actors to go under the knife or do injections when aging sets in. But yes they do more of it and it is the entertainment company management who pushes the plastic surgery in most cases.

      They do the abs because it sells tickets at concerts.

    • Robertcw

      Okay let's say Korea and California are roughly on the same level if vapidness. But for the South and the East coasts, bo way. Most of America is extremely casual blue jeans everywhere chill with the friends on the couch sort of living -- which I like.

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  • Luv2BRealExotic13
    A lot of people aren’t aware of, that at least the men you featured in this article have nutritionists, dietitians and trainers. They’re eating high protein diets. Consisting of both meat and veggies and they have low intakes of carbs, additives, salts and sugar. So it isn’t about how much one is eating it’s about what they’re eating. Why is there an attack on abs? Women like physically fit men. If we complain about sexual objectification it’s against men bc men take it too far with harassment, physical contact and sometime assault whether you acknowledge them or not.
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    • Robertcw

      I know but it's just a fact that body fat % below 10% is dangerous to health. It can only be sustained short term before organ damage occurs.

      15% is fine. Abs are still visible at 15%, and organs are safe as well.

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  • Moonchild714
    Women have been saying this since the 70s' and Men laughed at us and said stop Whining, start Dieting and Hit the Gym!!! Now that it's being pushed more on guys now its a Problem!!! I would have been more sympathetic if you would've been more about how this is a Societal Problem towards People not just Men... Women have been talking about this All My Life!!!
    • Stop pretending like all guys believe the same thing. We're not a hive mind. And besides, i believe it's women that push gym fitness standards on each other.

    • Robertcw

      Never knew! Sorry about that.

    • @ComradeJakob, both genders push it on each other but it's mainly the Entertainment, Fashion, & Fitness Industries that really push the Unhealthy lifestyle. Never said all guys, I just said Men laughed at us. I don't lump people into One Category!!! Just as I'm sure you weren't saying All Women or Only Women push Gym Fitness, you wouldn't generalize like that right since you don't want to be linked to One Side...

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  • Health absolutely 100% comes first. Men (and women) should just aim to be healthy. There is no ideal body type to aspire to, and healthy is the most attractive anyway. My boyfriend's torso is like 14% to 17% photo. I don't know what his body fat is, I don't think he himself knows or cares. He works out to live a long life, not to please anybody else. I think that's perfect. He's strong and muscular but also soft and gorgeous.
    • Texaskid1

      What a way of describing it.

    • Oram52

      He also definitely works out to have attractive body nothing wrong with that :)
      Out of curiosity do you work out?

    • Robertcw

      Happy birthday by the way. Just noticed you turned 18!

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  • CubsterShura
    THANK YOU FOR SAYING THIS!! What's important is a strong core and not necessarily six pack abs.

    The industry is sick. Hiring underweight models and putting makeup on their abs and editing pictures... Creating a standard unattainable for men of all different body types.
  • Corerue
    If I can see slight definition in my abs it's a win. I don't need to be chiseled like Adonis. I just need to not be carrying a spare tire of fat rolls. Lol

    Those who go for the look. Good for them. It isn't super healthy but that's what society still pushes as the ideal of Sexy or Attractive.

    Even women super models who are rail thin. Its gross to me. If a chick has curves, hell yes. If a chick is skinny like skeletor on purpose. No thanks, not attractive at all.
    • Robertcw

      Yeah having a flat stomach is different from visible abs. For instance, you can easily have a waist to hip ratio of 0.9 as a guy and still have fat cover the ab muscles. All it takes is a tiny layer under the belly button. Not even noticeable under a shirt.

  • Randomawkwardness
    I think its horrid that they allow both men and women to starve themselves to get to these weights and end up photoshopping them in the end anyway
    • Robertcw

      Yes, but when it comes to sexual attraction many people still favor this look. So it's something that your generation could actually work on changing.

    • My generation is into eboys and vsco girls so I'm pretty sure fashion standards will widely change bu my late 20s

    • Oram52

      Why would you have to starve yourself? They eat healthy balanced diet.

  • Jemini_Crocket
    18 to 20 % looks the most attractive in this picture for me xD
    Anyway, I've never really understood why so many drool over abs. I can understand they are nice but I personally prefer when a man is strong and muscular but not "thin", not so ripped I think would be a better word.
  • DizzyDesii
    I don't know why abs look like ribs to me. I prefer flat tummys with little toning and no abs
    • DizzyDesii

      And othing about Michael Bs cover is disturbing 😍 the Asian guys hot too. Bt yea i still dislike abs

  • wynn-ing
    Preach it! Men's Health mags need to get their shit together and have a look at the reality of things.
    Abs do not define you. Your health does.
    • Robertcw

      Thanks, but things like this are still the normal:

      And so are the girls' reactions. And nobody has said that in these responses yet.

      So, and to be clear, I'm a big fan of Conner. I know his story and he really got into fitness because he was an awkward geeky kid who was bad with women. He learned that by lifting weights girls would like him more and he dedicated his life to that end and now has a fitness channel and that's how he makes money. But it's really extreme.

    • Robertcw


    • sejla

      The cut girl with the long hair and the black long sleeve shirt was the nicest. Less is more sometimes. She only asked to see a little.

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  • Oram52
    Its genetics no doubt. But I'm not starving myself, I eat healthy balanced diet. I want abs that's why I put effort in and aesthetics is also reason for wanting abs, there is absolutely no doubt most girls love abs. There is nothing wrong with striving to be your best even if physically for purely aesthetic reasons.

    No one needs to start. Find a balance. Majority of people don't have a problem with that. Just because there are people who may get carried away for whatever reason doesn't mean we have to completely discard everything.

    You are right we do need to listen to our bodies, so sadly if someone is unable to achieve visible abs by 12% bodyfat then perhaps its best to accept that instead of putting health in jeopardy.

    It takes time and dedication to look good. It doesn't mean they're starving themselves. That's just a cop out, diets never work anyway. You need to eat healthy balanced diet. People who are into fitness majority eat healthy balanced diet, that's exactly what is promoted. So I see no reason why not strive to have good body even if you don't want a six pack.

    There is no such thing as Objectification of sexuality, sex and nudity are natural. I rather have sex positive society. Also I'd only date girls who keep themselves fit. It doesn't have to be extremes or binary choice.
  • It's ok to have a noticeable 6 pack if the rest of the body is in shape. But all too often they just look like they need a square meal
    • Robertcw

      Yeah that's because it requires a calorie deficit to achieve which causes the starving look. Because they actually are starving.

      That's why I question the healthiness of visible abs.

  • Mädchen
    Hugh Jackman wasn't even allowed to Drink all day besides Alkohol (cause it dehydrates the Body) when he had to shoot certain scenes in Wolverine cause it makes the muscles more prominent. That's Not what I'd call healthy. But I don't know any women that would expect this Level of muscels. A Bodybuilder once Said "I got into Body buildings cause I thought It would get me girl's but instead I got a Lot of Male attention" I think men are more obsessed with this supposed ideal of themselves. Just Like men don't actually Care about the tight Gap or whatever Shit women worry about.
    • Robertcw

      True about thigh gap. However the one and only thing that has noticeably changed the flirtatious and sexual attention I get from women has been lifting weights vs not lifting weights.

      When I lift, the attention I get goes up x10. It just does. When I don't lift it goes down x10. 🤷🏻‍♂️

      I also enjoy achieving in weights and it makes me feel proud of myself and self-assured as well, so I get a confidence boost in top.

  • crazy8000
    What could we say.
    People are self destructive, delusional, obsessed to fitt in and be the top of that tribe nonsense with a lot of justifications to make it fitt in to how it really is.

    The funny thing is that majority of those people that does this suffers from mental health issues that they aren't aware of.
  • Screenwriter
    Fourteen to 17 looks great. That 18-20 guy looks a bit soft around the middle. 13 percent and lower is overdone... The only reason to get that lean would be if you're a competitive marathon or other Olympic level athlete.
    • Or if you wanna be on the cover of a magazine, or if you wanna be a male model.

    • Boppy

      Or if you want to have a shirtless scene in a romantic or action movie.

    • @Boppy There's no need to go below 13 percent, even for an action flick like the Avengers series. That guy is cut up enough. And actually male models are not ripped. They're usually naturally thin guys who don't have much muscle development. Fitness models might get to that 10 percent. Weight lifters in competition get low too. But those guys are practically fainting because they have no body fat. It's absurd.

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  • alice55
    Personally I never been a fan of visible abs (I like large shoulder and muscular arms mainly) and I don't like body with low body fat (the skin doesn't look healthy and look dry, your face also look older if you don't have enough body fat).

    In the pics showed I find that he look better with 18 / 20 % body fat.

    Guys who have less than 10 % body fat usually only keep it for a show (like bodybuilding show) or stuff like that, if not they eat healthy and have bigger body fat (except if they have naturally very low body fat but those guys are usually the skinny muscular one not the "big" muscular one).
    I know some guys that are into gyms and most of them have normal body fat the one that have low body fat are the naturally very skinny one (they can't help it) and then there's the body builder one who only have very low body fat when they got a show coming up.
    • Robertcw

      "the skin doesn't look healthy and look dry, your face also look older if you don't have enough body fat" I noticed that too on myself.

    • alice55

      Also I heard bodybuilder would stop drinking hours before a shows to be even more dry which is definitely not healthy at all.

  • Levin
    I have 11% body fat. No restriction employed. I just work out a lot. Move a lot. Walk a lot. Eat a mostly planted based whole foods diet. Definitely don't starve myself, eat till I'm full.

    As it so happens, a low body fat probably isn't that difficult to attain. It's just that people aren't willing to change what is the mainstay of their diet. From mostly refined carbs, animal products and refined sugars to complex carbs, legumes and vegetables with lower overall proportions of fat (I still eat a lot though). I'm waiting for this next bandwagon to take off, unfortunately. Nor are they willing to move much. Drive everywhere. Don't go out into nature. Fester in an office.

    I'm fairly sure it's not appealing to women because it looks 'sickly'. However, what is aesthetically 'sickly' is largely defined by cultural norms, and sad to say, but most people are significantly overweight. If overweight is the norm, then the norm is overweight.
    • 1stPlace

      Once you understand nutrition, you're ahead of the game.

    • Robertcw

      @1stPlace I still think it's hard to eat correctly. I don't mean eating processed foods, I mean eating what when in order to get the right amount of calories from the right foods while also getting the right proportion of macros.

      Not so easy really. Especially if you need to eat the same thing everyday at the same times and it all costs more than $20/day. That's actually hard because of all the commitment it requires.

    are you a medical person?
    can i see your doctors degree in sports science?

    mens health (and shape for women) was actually started by the weider bros in Canada. (YES those weider brothers) they dedicated their lives to mens & womens health. the movie was called bigger. you should watch it everybody should watch it.
  • ImagineSketchy
    They're supposed to be promoting something? Shit.. I must live under a rock. If fitness levels change anything in a man... It's the testosterone which then leads to other mental issues, more notably anger and/or aggressiveness.
    Personally I haven't been 15-20% body fat since I was maybe 8 years old. Around that time my body began its hyper metabolism.
  • nathanp97
    8-19% body fat is considered healthy, so I don't get your point about health. Some people can get abs really easily, others can't. It is largely based on genetics. I agree that it is unrealistic for most men, but it is not unhealthy, assuming done right.
    • Robertcw

      I think your natural resting body fat % is healthiest for each person. That varies per individual.

      Usually that will be about 'skinny-fat' 🤷🏻‍♂️.

      with a thin layer of fat all over the body. Covering the chest, abs and back.

  • something_memorable
    Body image issues affect everyone.
    Bullying affects everyone. Unrealistic standards and perfectionsim affect everyone.
    • So why do feminists so often pretend that these issues are women's issues? They complain about women on magazine covers and pretend the same thing doesn't happen to men.

    • @devilman666 which "feminists"? Thats like asking why do christians all hate gay people, they dont. Some do, and some are very vocal about it, but they represent only themselves.

  • Ayer93
    The fact of the matter is, a visible 6 pack is more aesthetically pleasing. And although you can have a high percent of body fat and still be strong, it's still not the ideal look. When someone sees a 6 pack they assume the person is strong, which is generally true as the person usually has to workout and diet to attain that form.

    I've seen a correlation that thicker people tend to be attracted to thicker bodies and that's fine. We're attracted to similarities and familiarities. It still doesn't change what the general population finds attractive.

    Lazy butthurt people can cry about it more.
    • Robertcw

      I'm not sure how you and I grew up in the same generation and have vastly different opinions.

    • Ayer93

      Wait you're telling me that everyone in our generation have the same opinions? You really need to get some common sense lol. People have differing views regardless of age, culture, etc. I'm sure I disagree with you on more than one matter.

  • arabgoddess
    It's not realistic to have a full on set of abs and huge muscles.. And there is a lot of discipline and sacrifice involved in body building.
    To be honest, it's not even a turn on..
    • Twenty2

      What's a turn on?

    • Not telling you... Still running 🏃

    • Twenty2

      Come on goddess! Tell me what will make you stop running?

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  • RawIronhide
    They also dehydrate themselves to take off water weaght a lot of the time. I don't want abs and I'm not interested in changing my look to please others but i want to be skinnier and i think that's ok.
  • andreasderjuengere
    Overly executed -emm- body fitness and 'mental health' don't go well together.
    Nothing wrong with keeping an eye on a healthy and functioning body.
    But to shape it to other versions than 'natural' is stupid vanity.
    • That's why I like to see that natural body builders who don't look frightening. Their look appears achieveable and attractive.

  • stonerboner
    It's true that under 10% isn't really healthy for extended periods of time. I've done it. And my face looked like Skelator when I did. This is just more pressure we guys get from the media. I doo workout all the time though. I stay now in the 12-14% range and I'm content with that.
  • Nikki1989
    The 18-20% guy is passable. Anything less looks sickly.
  • bamesjond0069
    The trick to abs is low bf% but it doesn't have to be sub 10%. The other half is having big ab muscles to poke through the fat. If you aren't doing high volume weighted ab exercises you are flat. Im at like 18% boyfriend but my abs look way more like the other pics. Im usually around 14% stable but I've been injured and put on a little weight.
  • tartaarsaus
    Apparently, to make muscles really ‘pop out’, people also dehydrate themselves. Like Henry Cavill mentioned that for some scenes he’d go for 4 days with very little water so that the muscles stand out a bit more. Obviously unhealthy.
    • Some folks are mesomorphs: heavily muscled, and they can get the fit look more easily. Some are smoother muscled... Everybody can't do it like the photos.

  • Anoniemus
    They look good but I agree with the health concerns.
  • 10-15% looks best to me and it is not hard to maintain. It is like 20-25% for women and I as a woman have no issues in staying in that range...
    • From the guys above the 14-17 is what I prefer, but I doubt he is above 15% anyway.

    • Chase7777

      You think 10% isn't hard to maintain?
      Aha, cool story. 20-25 is too low for women anyways, I mean some are into bones and stuff but most aren't.

    • 20-25% isn't low for women. 25% is average... most young slim women would fit into that range

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  • Pipeliner87
    Think? LOL People who go for that look don't have any energy reserves.
    • soleil2666

      That's the issue - it isn't that you can't achieve the very sculpted belly and just skin covering it, it is that once you are in that shape you notice you really cannot exert much strength for any duration of time without starting to feel dizzy (whereas with just a bit of fat under the skin you simply can go for at least those two hours that normally trained body (not extreme athletics) can sustain).
      You can compensate for that by sugar and time-targeted calories, but in all I know, most women get intimidated by that perfect abs thing - it's just too perfect, too much (and probably evolutionary linked to someone who has done a great job but is now exhausted and at risk of starvation, so not very wise with their effort distribution)

    • Robertcw

      @soleil2666 I tend to agree with this. But I think there's slightly more to it.

      I think the face is the indicator rather than the abs.

      When the face has just the right amount of fat to fill in the cheeks but be thin everywhere else it looks really good. Gain just a tiny percentage more body-fat and all the sudden your face looks a lot worse and older, bloated and droopy. Staying right in that sweet spot is the key I think.

      I also think there's this thing about actually bouncing up and down %. Evolutionarily this would be 'go out hunting, run a deficit.' Come back with food and visible abs. Eat it. No abs at bedtime. Wake up, repeat cycle. We were persistence hunters afterall.

    • soleil2666

      That last bit does sound about right, very well thought through - at Christmas time you eat, then it will be back hunting soon enough - and those cycles do come and go.
      Merry Christmas by the way 🎄

  • Thatsamazing
    "These magazine covers are actually quite disturbing" uhhhh... I stopped taking you seriously after you said this.
  • WhatTheHellAmy2
    I'm trying to get mine to show soon!! Christmas diet is making it hard thoooooo.
  • Trolloween
    What truth are you exposing here? Everyone knows you need to be lean to have visible abs. There are loads of unhealthy body building practices but honestly I don't care, it's adults making their own decisions. I would still say it's obvious that any guy that is even close to making the cover of a magazine is much healthier than the average guy, who is probably overweight. Also you need to realise that body builders and fitness freaks have cycles, they aren't walking around all year at 9% body fat and dehydrated, they do that briefly for competitions. That's just the tip of the iceberg before you get to injecting various muscle I flamers etc
  • well said and interesting. 14-20 looks healthy to me. and the 18-20 guy isn't flexing his muscles as much as the others... he could expose the outer muscles...

    Questionis... what do women find attractive? I see so many way out of shape guys, and I mean basketball guts (weak psoas, etc..) with girlfriends. Girls may like certain things, but doesn't look like abs rule over wallets or personality.

    same way stick figure women were portrayed for decades as healthy models of women, this is also a false realty of males.
  • LoU_Hades
    It's possible to keep low body fat (below 15) with proper diet. Of course if your diet contains soy-whopper and fried malnourished chicken it's difficult to obtain healthy amount of nutrients without tons of fat and carbs.
    I'm not a bodybuilder, I'm just rowing for fun since more than 10 years. But I know for good body shape is proper diet as importation as training.
    I wouldn't give much about pic on the front page of Men's health, because after solarium/sun and little bit body oil, every guy who trains regularly has visible abs. Unless he is the bear type of a guy who trains and eats a lot. Those guys have often stretched lower belly muscles and abdominal wall due enormous amount of food they eat.
  • soleil2666
    Good point - abs are only an indicator of EXTREME effort - and so a cry for help.
    Nobody sane goes to that level of muscle over a healthy amount of spare energy in fat.
  • WednesdayMorning
    Abs have nothing to do with a healthy body. It's just overworked muscles and a shit tonne of narcissism. I only try to have it flat but I don't even workout, just eat healthy.
  • Vinfet
    Good commentary. I always keep an extra 5 or 10 laying around and eat a little more salad if I'm going to the beach to lose it.

    Very glad someone steps up and speaks truth. I recently passed on this very knowledge to a rookie lifter (coming from a veteran who knows barely enough to keep from getting hurt, ha) who lost a bunch of weight. Those pictures are not only photoshopped as necessary, the guys are eating specifically for that shoot and then they add a little back. Cut out the supplements on a rrgular basis while you're at it.

    Most articles I've read women like a guy who looks like he works out, not a guy that looks like he eats and sleeps in the gym.

    Well done
    • Yep. That look implies the guy is more interested in his mirror than anyone else...

  • AynonOMouse
    From my experience in real life the people I've known with a six pack were often weak. They looked cut and on camera/photos where you can't tell the actual size of a person they "looked" fit, but in reality they were weak. Even when I was kind of fat I could do a lot more sit ups than the guys I knew with six pack abs. And as far as benching and curls go I was far past their abilities.
    People often confuse looking cut (which just means very low body fat) with being strong when they have little to do with each other in reality.
  • blutwolfe
    Well for starters I can tell you right now those bf% in those pics are off, and those guys in those magazines aren't that lean, that's a healthy bf%. Just because you have abs doesn't mean it's low bf% either, everyone's genetics and training are different.

    The only reason you should be going below 10% is competing or you're on hormones to make up for it, or competing not drug tested. The bf% in those magazines would be fairly achievable for a lot of the population, that's why they're on there and not bodybuilders.

    The cosmetic aspect of it is to each their own. Everyone has their own opinions, men's fitness is comparable to women using make up, men workout to impress other men, women use make up to impress other women.
  • glutendan
    This is only because most people are eating indigestible vegetables instead of raw organs like they should.
  • rjroy3
    Most top level athletes are 6-10% bodyfat and they have to be healthy to be at peak condition. I say athlete, rather than fighters or sports that are more skill based with athletic elements. Those types of sports being super ripped isn't as common. But sports that are all about pure athleticism like basketball and most football position. Dudes are jacked with low bodyfat numbers and are healthy. Not killing themselves. You have to have an issue with your hormones for that to be true. But with balanced hormones 6% bodyfat is attainable and sustainable while being healthy. You just have to be conscious of what you're doing.
  • TheNaturalGod
    What if I'm naturally below 10% even if I eat lot of food, do you still think it's unhealthy for me, or I'm one of the few who can be low bodyfat and be healthy
    • Robertcw

      You don't look below 10% to me. You just have developed ab muscles. Below 10% is everything as thin as the skin on the side of your wrists.

      There would be lacerations showing. You look 10-15% to me.

    • Robertcw

      You may also hold body fat in your legs instead of the upper body.

    • Maybe I'm 10% but is hard to say based on photos, I have the same amout bodyfat on my legs than I have on my torso.

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  • sp33d
    Everyone has abs, regardless of the body fat :D I look similar to the 18-20% dude. I don't want to burn any more than I need to.
  • Phoenix98
    I get what your saying but you can have visible abs at double digit body fat percentages it comes down a lot to genetics.

    And on that note due to my genetics I've always had between 10-8% body fat for about as long as I've been alive. And I do just fine and am a perfectly healthy individual I work out a lot, I eat a ton and have always maintained a healthy body.

    I do agree though that there are people who take it way to far and do indeed go into that category of people who look healthy but actually aren't.
  • HerryBells
    Yeah, the complaints from girls that there is an unrealistic beauty standard for them is completely missing out on the same stupid standards being pushed on men
  • The_man_whol_aughs
    No you need to good to survive not to attract women
  • Kayla45
  • collegestudent96
    I personally prefer the 18-20%
  • AngelLily
    Good intake.