Appreciation for middle aged MEN'S bodies


How come there's always "body positivity" for women's bodies but not for men? How come you're cancelled and "disgusting" if you dare tell a woman her body is unattractive but you're applauded and considered "funny" if you make fun of a man's body?

Is it bc women think all middle aged men are "sexist pigs"? Welllllll that's a load of shite and it's unfair to the guys who put up with the mockery and violation of their bodies on a regular.

So here's my appreciation of older men's bodies.

1. Being older comes with health issues

Hitting the gym to get a model type muscular bod isn't as easy as clapping your hands and voila! Yeah, no. Toned and slight muscle with some flab is usually the results they're seeing after months of hard work. And guess what? That's perfectly fine. Just like you don't see 50 year old women walking around looking like this:

Appreciation for middle aged MENS bodies

you won't be seeing 50 year old men walking around like this:

gross anyways
gross anyways

So STOP putting those standards on them.

I get it if this is a bit ridiculous:

Appreciation for middle aged MENS bodies

but this below is not ridiculous and I've seen plenty of shaming for this:

Appreciation for middle aged MENS bodies
Appreciation for middle aged MENS bodies
Appreciation for middle aged MENS bodies

Yup, a normal body for an older man. Crazy right? No.

So stop shaming men for their bodies, and if you actually expect them to worship yours while you belittle them

Appreciation for middle aged MENS bodies

My boyfriend is what I'd call "slim thick". He's in shape but has some jiggles here and there and I love it. He's been self conscious about his belly that doesn't even protrude, just bc it has some flab to it. But there's no reason to be ashamed of that, especially at his age.

So next time you're thinking about shaming an older guy who isn't even morbidly obese

Appreciation for middle aged MENS bodies


Appreciation for middle aged MEN'S bodies
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  • Dragonpurple
    Thanks for your comments on this, but I will say the #1 issue is people get too busy, at work at home or where ever and when I was younger I could get buy on 4 hours sleep a night and be good. Now with work and home life, not a chance.

    Famous people, rich people, actors, actresses often get paid to work out for the next part... wouldn't that be nice? They get haircuts, grow beards, too.

    If I didn't need to work I would have my own home gym and work out on it daily just for a hour or two... but when you gotta work and commute and all that crap.

    Older men tend to have better jobs that require 50 or more hours a week... good luck finding time to take care of ourselves... so those that do, are great.
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  • hellionthesagereborn
    Because men are the worlds whipping boy, we get shit on for everything and nothing we do is correct and we are pure evil and are responsible for every bad thing to ever happen to any one. This is standard for men in our society, its bullshit, especialy since men are a hell of a lot less demanding of women then women are of men, but it is the way it is.(though I appreciate you being realistic about it).
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Most Helpful Girls

  • menina
    I've never made fun of middle aged men because of their bodies. Just like I've never done that to a middle aged woman.
    I get that it's your preference and I respect that. I just don't find middle aged men attractive.
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    • Yeah it's ok to not find older guys attractive, I just meant shaming them is never ok. But I already know you're not like that <3

    • menina

      Ok, I'm glad you understand that. :) No I am not. :)

  • bannacookies
    Preach girl, preach! You know what you're talking about.
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  • ADFSDF1996
    It’s rare for women to appreciate men’s bodies, especially older men with average bodies.
    • HSSC12

      I agree. And most older men do have average or “worse” bodies. An example, I’m not saying that I’m a Catholic but I do know Catholic priests work 80-100 per week. That’s an insane amount of time. When the last time you saw an average of non-overweight, strong, muscular priests. “Ain’t nobody got time for dat!”

    • HSSC12

      I apologize for my typos! For some reason my computer isn’t letting me scroll up to make corrections.

    • ADFSDF1996

      @HSSC12 I think it has mostly to do with women not being as visual as men are when it comes to attraction.

  • dray995
    You’re 18? Why do you wanna be with someone way older than you? Are you a gold digger or a sugar baby? Why not find a good guy around your age or about 10-15 years older than is still young but mature for his age?
    • Dude shut the fuck up and mind your own god damned business.

    • dray995

      Well, okay. Fine, whatever. You do you. I was just curious why you would want someone way older than you if not for the money. What’s the appeal in being with someone way older than you?

    • I've always been attracted to older men, I can't explain it but is isn't about the money. Never has been

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  • Jean-Marie_Céline
    It's just natural that we, and naturally women too, have bodies that age so it's just natural to appreciate those as well!
    Sadly nowadays society puts an ''expiration date'' on what people should be allowed to find attractive - anything above 30 makes you weird!
  • madgoat
    At my age my skin lacks a lot of elasticity.
    and my metabolism is slower.
    So compared to me a few decades ago, I'm carrying more weight and it shows more but I'm by no means a lost cause.
    So while I don't look a 25 yo gym fit guy, I'm also not competing for a 25 yo gym fit gal, so I'm really not sure I care greatly.
  • JC103
    I’ve never wanted to have a particular body type. I just wanted to perform like an athlete and I think I’m doing well even though as old as hell (33yo) lol. As long as I can still people people in my MMA gym and toss my playmates around, I’m happy lol

    Awesome article!
  • Oram52
    I'm going to be fit even at 50 ;)
    But yes you made good point. Regardless we should try our best to remain healthy and fit no matter our age.
  • Jackson8650
    Appreciate this. I’ve found as my confidence has strengthened as I’ve aged, and rooted out arrogance, women, and especially my wife, find me more attractive than when I was 11% BMI and very muscular. My wife has also changed some over the years and children and is actually more attractive then when I met her when she was 19.
  • Vixxxen
    Love this take! Abs are overrated, give me a thicker man all day! They are better to hug amd better to cuddle in my opinion. Just my preference.
  • monkeynutts
    Hahaha, great take. I noticed something interesting about the posts on another woman’s account, women can take criticism from other women but they down vote guys. I think we can all do without double standards.
  • NYCQuestions1976
    I'm proud to have a D. F. body.*

    *D. F. = Deceptively fat. 👍
    • Why did GaG post/move this to "Politics"? lol

    • it's supposed to be in society

    • Oh okay. I figured GaG would put it in "Health". Then again, what do I know? My content always winds up in "Other". lol

  • IndieScent
    Thank you, I was really skinny growing up and I've put on weight as I've gotten older, definitely got a dad bod now, and it's been really hard on my self esteem. It means a lot to see people say this.
  • NightHawk99
    They think just because they see a lot of confident men who don't care what others think, that all men are like that. Therefore they don't believe what they say affects us. Foolish they are.
  • exitseven
    I have a little bit of belly fat that stubbornly resists all my efforts. I would tell people tpo wait until you are 50 and then come see me.
  • ChrisMaster69
    There is too much body shaming for both sexes.

    The social media ideal is just wrong it shames both genders up and down the age ranges.

    age 17 as a guy, want to post your beach shots, sorry unless you are ripped it’s not allowed, normal people are not allowed to post fun photos.

    good my take but it also applies for women as well, gravity hits us all, those pert boobs droop and or change shape, bottoms get bit jiggly etc.

    we should be more accepting of each other and not social media driven ideals.
  • anylolone
    Aesthetics has a value.
    But personal taste is personal taste.

    I'm not even like the typical MA guy, a bit better, but the wall is more than pot belly.
    I'm certainly not as attractive as I was 10, 20 years ago.
  • GoodGuyBreakingBad
    I agree with you I grin and bear my middle age body and hell with you cares LMAO
  • HSSC12
    I think that’s just America; it’s definitely not Europe and it sure as heck isn’t anything south of the boarder unless you get to Brazil and Argentina. Yeah, those countries hate nut but booooooi do Brazil and Argentina think a lot like we Americans do. But hey, wouldn’t you rather look like Miranda Kerr and make your husband, or man, or partner, or whatever people refer to each other this week, extremely excited (and…. you know, hard) knowing he’s got such a super hot supermodel wife? I know I would, and yeah it’s difficult after babies…. so I’m told.
  • NightOwl8801
    I ain't fat but I have a dad bod with a slight pooch but I rock it
  • Pogi-Paddy-2
    I love your MyTake. I am proud of my 53 year old Buddha belly dad body.😎
  • tatianamay
    yess!! exactly
  • Rockingjoe
    What is your opinion about body hair on men?
    • Love it! I prefer my man doesn't shave his pubes and leaves his hair alone!

  • Gwenhwyfar
    Amen sister!! Rub my belly!! 😜
  • goodvibes4life247
    Thats a good question but not sure why it is