Why Most Men Don’t Feel Attracted to Women with Plastic Surgery


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So you think you need a boob job. With the standard of beauty becoming more and more man-made, who could tell you you’re wrong? Kim Kardashian didn’t have a nose job? She did? Although it may seem having doctors build a perfect body is only natural, your best bet might be to keep it natural. Here are some examples:

  • Breast implants can go horribly wrong. It is not rare to see porn stars with downright bizarre looking breasts. Men do not care how small their chests were before, it’s not worth it. And, by the way, Kanye West mother died in breast augmentation surgery.
  • Nose jobs seem to always be obvious, even the good ones. Just google Kathy Griffin to see how damaging a poor one can be. Plus, noses are noses, nobody really cares unless you have a giant ungodly nose like Gonzo.
  • Collagen lips and facelifts turn once cute natural girls into circus clowns. There’s no denying that full pouting lips is an attractive feature , but those enhanced with collagen or other products look like a result of several punches to the mouth. Botox, the most performed cosmetic procedure in the world also have bad results in attracting guys, we really want to be with a person that can at least make some facial expressions.

On the other hand, the popularity of plastic surgery nowadays appears to be its own worst enemy. Like tattoos, having some cosmetic procedure done is very common today and the options are endless; but not all tattoos are appealing, right? The same happens with plastic surgery, making men wanting to be with a natural beauty.

And there are these stories about plastic surgery going more and more crazy today, like this South Korean man who sued his wife for having “incredible ugly kids” because she didn’t disclose that she had undergone about $100,000 worth of cosmetic surgery before they met; or all the craziness related to the so called “human dolls”, all of this making us guys have second thoughts about dating a plastic girl.

Of course a good body is always aesthetic and pleasant to the eyes, but it is also a relative term: who says that all girls should have big boobs or butt, and if so, how big? So when most of us see these girls with a few plastic surgery and say “she’s hot”, well, we meant it, but just because is in some way, entertaining; believe us, we think Heidi Montag was way hotter before the 10 plastic surgeries she had.

The popularity of plastic surgery nowadays appears to be its own worst enemy.

And there’s of course the fact that around 91% of women have all cosmetic procedures, leaving only 9% of procedures being done on men; the reason is, we do not really care much about the way we look, of course we care about our appearance, but we are more practical about the decisions we make regarding our bodies. For women the same rule should apply, how wrong it is that girls as young as 13 or even less are undergoing plastic surgery?

What we men definitely like is a natural woman who live a healthy lifestyle and who exercise regularly, nothing is more attractive than watching a girl sweat while running in short shorts or playing some sports; and, at the end, and even if it might sound a little cheesy, personality and charisma it’s all you need, no matter if your boobs are small or, in some cases, too big. So if you’re thinking about getting nose job or a boob job just to be more attractive to guy, save your money and your health… most of all don’t really care, find a new way to impress us.

Why Most Men Don’t Feel Attracted to Women with Plastic Surgery
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Most Helpful Girl

  • LilPinkGirl
    I honestly think that most women don't get surgery for men. Believe it or not, many women get it to make *them* happy and more confident. I plan on having surgery on my jaw (ok, not totally for cosmetic reasons since there IS a medical problem with me) so I can have it realigned and my face will look normal. I also want to have an arm lift since I lost so much weight and now have loose skin that won't go away. ^^
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Most Helpful Guy

  • CasaNorba
    amen brother! lets not forget that we love real women flesh not some hard ass implant that feels like a basketball wrapped up in human flesh
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  • jerseycountrygirl
    Correction: This should be titled "Why Good Men Aren't Attracted to Women Who Get Plastic Surgery".

    All these women think they need giant boobs, giant @sses and giant lips in order to attract attention from guys. But in the long run, the guys you attract most won't be those you want to maintain a long-term relationship with. It's not really my place to speak for men but good guys want natural-looking women, not plastic Barbies who've bankrupted themselves on changing they way they look.
  • DameNoire
    I live in the Middle East. It's horrible how Lebanese and some Gulf women turn into monsters because of the fish lips and the ball cheeks. Add this to too much make up. They think it's cute- it's definitely not!
  • ZoeAdams
    It's a beauty standard that also makes people almost generic. For example some women who have a natural beauty but also have some ethnic features that happen to be part of that natural beauty. Then she has some cosmetic surgery to get rid of those features and she becomes just plain generic. Jennifer Grey is an example.
  • LoneWolf21
    Amen, I couldn't agree with you more. If I wanted to be with a fake plastic woman... I would go get a fuck puppet.
  • d2565
    I think p*rn that guys like to watch has had a big impact on what young women think men find attractive. Those sorta fake women are all over p*rn and men are all about watching their p*rn like it's okay just because it's available to them. I'd actually like to see men stand up and let it be known that not all men are lame.
    • It's true, I had a boyfriend once who wanted me to look more like a p*rn star and I hated myself for it.

  • GLPitt
    I like some nice, fake titties. But all the other stuff is unattractive. The ass implants, collagen injected lips, pulled back faces, etc. It looks too unnatural. At that point, I would rather bang one of those fancy sex dolls. Looks a lot more realistic than all that Joan Rivers bullshit.
  • Mesonfielde
    It just looks unnatural, it does not align properly with the overall body composition. The ratios are wrong. It is unattractive.
  • Raven1990
    Amen! Truth has spoken! And this is another reason why Vanity is a sin and leads to ruin!
  • matrix124
    Good read, thanks for sharing
  • carnix
    denotes a lack of confidence...
  • Anonymous
    Nose jobs are not obvious