My partner’s bad habits are rubbing off on me?

Before I moved in to live with him I felt healthy, exercised x3 times a week, barely drank alcohol, never smoked etc. He always had bad habits, being obese for most of his childhood, he struggled with weight. But in adulthood he also picked up what I consider heavy drinking habits (8/10 wine bottles a week).

When we met he was still overweight and would almost pass out 2 mins into sex. I got him into working out and dieting so now he’s no longer overweight & very happy with himself. Unfortunately, his habits also rubbed off on me. I toned down my workout frequency and intensity, stopped eating as healthy, started drinking 2/3 wine bottles a week. We basically settled in the middle between our habits. Unfortunately, I feel horrible. I’m at the highest weight I have ever been (almost 70kg). I feel stuffy and lethargic. I am no longer comfortable wearing dresses or form fitting clothes. My career is beginning to suffer because constant drinking is making weeks pass by so quickly.

I am not saying all of this is his direct influence. Much of it is probably to do with me being easily influenced. For example, I’ll discuss making a healthy meal but he will suggest a takeaway and I’ll immediately agree. Sometimes he is even the one who is trying to be more active but I feel so hungover from all the drinking that I lost interest in trying. I did bring the issue up with him multiple times but he seems to think that we’re healthy. Problem is that he’s the healthiest he has ever been, so to him this is as good as it gets. He can also process most of the takeaways and alcohol much easier than me, being tall and male.

I don't know what to do. It’s very hard to have discipline when the person you live with 24/7 is doing the exact opposite. I feel very unhappy with myself. I know I need to do better but I can’t break away from the habits that formed and his presence is not helping. I even went as far as considering a break up... what would you do in my shoes?
My partner’s bad habits are rubbing off on me?
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