Do you think abortion is birth control?

Just a FYI although I’m pro life I am also VERY pro birth control. I support state sponsored birth control including plan B but I draw the line on abortion.

I also support research into advanced contraceptive initiatives. They say no contraceptive is 100% effective but they are getting close.

But I do not for second consider abortion “birth control”. In rare cases of rape, incest or danger to the mothers health it may be permissible.

Also if pre natal testing determines there is something seriously wrong with the baby then it’s debatable to make that decision.
No it’s fetal murder
Yes it’s just a “clump of cells”
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Actually when it comes to semantics I stand corrected on how I could of worded this better. I should of asked “Do you think abortion is a form of contraceptive i. e. no morally worse than wearing a condom or taking the pill?
Do you think abortion is birth control?
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