Do I have mono?

okay well last Thursday I went to a Halloween dance with all my friends and all of us were thirsty so one of my friends bought a bottle of water. I thought only me and my 4 friends shared the water but it ended up being around 12 other friends that took a drink. now since then, I've been so tired and got the chills. all last night I couldn't sleep cause I felt hot but then cold. when I woke up my face felt like it was swollen and I couldn't swallow. also...i am having headaches.. feeling my head was heavier than usual. and ear aches... so it feels like my ears are swollen, but I went to school today and I couldn't even focus in any of my morning classes. so I went home... I still feel all of those things: headaches, body aches, ear aches, little warm on my forehead, chills from my shoulders down, and a sore throat/hard to swallow. is it possible I have mono?
Do I have mono?
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