I'm losing weight and I don't know how/why?

I'm pretty scared. I've lost 9 pounds in the past 3-4 months. I've always been really skinny/lean. but I'm way too skinny now and I really need to gain that weight back. according the the CDC's BMI calculator: the BMI is 16.7 , placing the BMI-for-age at the 1st percentile for girls aged 18 years 7 months.

I eat breakfast every morning (scrambled eggs...takes up about 1/4 of my plate). I eat lunch every day (a slice of pizza and a small salad, maybe a turkey wrap, sometimes a piece of grilled chicken and mashed potatoes). and I eat dinner every night (something similar to lunch). I'm a freshman in college so I eat whatever is being served in the dining hall.

I haven't changed my eating habits from when I was in high school. (if anything, I'm eating more because I'd just have a banana or a muffin for breakfast and only a slice of pizza or maybe just fries for lunch).

I'm not burning more calories because I just go to class and sit on my bed doing homework. its a really small campus so I'm only walking 3 minutes max to my furthest class. idk...

I wish I knew how I was losing this weight and somehow reverse it. any ideas? also, any tips on how I can GAIN weight?

I'm 5'9".

in early October I weighed 122.

in early December I weighed 118.

and I weighed myself today and I weigh 113.


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  • Seems we have a case of the Freshman 15. That is under weight though. You may want to talk to a doctor if it continues at this rate or speeds up, just to make sure there isn't an underlying and more serious cause.


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  • BMI doesn't mena anything..what you NEED is a BMR caluclater..this is called Basal Metabolic Rate..its what your body burns breathing,digesting food,heart,etc...

    this is the minimum you need to NOT lose weighth..its what your body burns if you were to sleep 24/7...add in say 100 calories from you walking..tying your shoe,shopping for food..showering..etc..THIS is the minimum..

    eat more than you burn: gain weighth

    burn more calories than you eat: lsoe weighth...simple..

    use fitday.com to track your everyday food..


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