Help with weight loss?

i decided to stop being lazy and start trying to lose weight. but I just don't know how to start.

i've always been fat. I've never been a thin person. my bones are thick as well, but I'm still fat. there's no excuse for that. well, I'm tired of being this way. right now I am 5'1 and weigh 215. I've been at that weight for years. but I think its time for a change. I would like to be thinner. I know that the ideal weight for someone who is 5'1 is around 110-120 but I don't want to be that thin. I still want my curves. I just want to go down a few dress sizes. possibly to 11-14. right now I use a size 18. I know. its big right? some people say I carry it well, but I know that I would look better if I dropped some pounds.

do you guys have any tips on how to start losing weight? I am clueless on what to do, but I want do something about my weight.
Help with weight loss?
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