Yoga vs. Pilates : Pros & Cons

I am slim enough and want to tone my body. I want lines showing but not bulks of muscles.

I often hear hypes of yoga... what's yoga all about?


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  • Yoga and Pilates can both help you tone up your body a bit, however it isn't the most effective way of toning up.

    Just bear with me here for a moment.

    I used to work in a health club in determining the goals of each member and potential members as well.

    Your question has been asked by countless girls in the exact same fashion. The end result is also the same.

    It sounds like this: "But I don't want to look muscular or like I'm on 'roids, helpppppppppppppppppppppp!"

    Okay, it isn't that bad.

    You can't look like the guys and never will. Simply put the female body doesn't have nearly the levels of testosterone necessary to have huge, bulky muscles. You can't look that way if you tried!

    Now, here's what you want to do:

    Purchase a weight set or find a local gym. Do one hour of weight training at least three times a week. You'll see much better results much faster than just doing yoga or pilates. Your muscles need to tear before they heal, that's where weights come in. Each time you lift a heavy object, your muscle tissue tears, heals and grows back more toned.

    Neither yoga or pilates has weight resistance, so the only weight you'll get out of that is the exercises where you are using your own body weight as effort. It simply isn't as effective as using weight machines.

    Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with the exercises you listed. They are excellent building dexterity, mobility and long-term overall body health. They will help you tone, but to a limited degree. If you want the complete package, there's nothing wrong with doing them, but you should seriously consider supplementing it with a weight program.

    Don't worry, you aren't going to look like muscle hulk. You were born a girl, not a boy. ;)

    • When you say 'weight training'... what machines are decent in toning arm and legs? I have a gym membership but I just don't now which weight machine to do, there are too many choices.

    • Your body has muscles all throughout it. You need to use a variety of machines which will help you work each major muscle group. Your abs for instances are one group. Your biceps are another. Your triceps, still one more. Each one of the machines should list which muscle group it specifically targets. If you're not sure, ask the staff for assistance. Your body is happiest when it is being worked out all over. Balance is key and with a combination of the various machines, you'll feel great.

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  • I am really into yoga! I do the yoga Firm Video. It helps you with flexibility, balance, and training your muscles. You feel really great afterwards too. You not only feel good physically afterwards, but you feel relaxed. I would totally recommend it!

  • I do pilates. It has really helped me.