Did I go over the top?

I am a freshman in college this fall and my dream is to be a sports reporter. A lot of people from my high school know that.

Obviously I know sports very well and this girl followed me on twitter that went to my school and we didn't talk much and she is a year younger.

So we talked and stuff for two days, but after reviewing our texts I realized that I never asked her to hang out and we only talked football.

I guess I got a little comfortable talking about that and yesterday I texted her about the Georgia-Clemson game as it was happening and she didn't respond at all.

I know overdid it, but is there hope I can fix it so that she doesn't dislike talking to me? What should I text her today or within the next few days?

I don't want to say anything like 'hey there's more to me than sports' because then it looks like I noticed why she didn't respond or is that not bad?

I considered 'hey' or 'hi' but with that she might just think that I will turn the conversation in to sports when really I just want to get to know her better?

How can I tell her that and get her to give me a chance the right way?
Did I go over the top?
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