Not getting enough sleep at night bad pattern?

Hey guys!

I am 15 year old male 2 weeks ago I started dieting and working out again, I do the Intermittent Fasting approach from lean gains, I do weight lifting 3 times a week and HIIT cardio 2 times a week.

Results are showing up. How ever a few weeks ago I met a girl I like and we constantly chat at night, I get about 6-7 sometimes 8 hours of sleep but mostly 6-7 I know this is not enough and I usually get more sleep after school like 3-4 hours.

I am about 176cms tall and I am worried this might affect my height in the future I want to be 180, I do sleep more in the weekends I sleep from like 2pm till 12 am so I get enough sleep. So what do you guys think? is this going to affect me a lot? any tips and help is greatly appreciated!

Not getting enough sleep at night bad pattern?
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