If you are fat, I'm going to call you fat, damnit!


Is it me or have we suddenly become way over sensitive when it comes to using the new F word these days?

Yes, I know, science tells us that being fat is largely our parent's fault. Your mom either didn't eat enough when you were developing in her womb, or you lucked out on some crappy genes, or maybe your parents just didn't know better and gave you a shitty diet when you were young. But none of these are any reason why anyone has to stay fat.

Lets face the facts for a moment here. In today's age of science and personal development, losing fat is largely a solved problem. The information is freely available everywhere, and anyone who wants to lose weight can do it. Which boils down to one thing - if you're fat it's because you don't want to stop being fat.

If you are fat, I'm going to call you fat, damnit!

So if this is something you're doing to yourself, why should the rest of us have to tip toe around your problem? If you're feeling insecure about it, then lets just call out the elephant in the room and deal with it.

When I call people out on being fat, I'm not doing it because I get some perverse pleasure out of putting other people down. I never understood how much somebody else weighs has anything to do with me. What I do want to achieve is to give that person a bit of feedback that they're heading towards an unhealthy situation. I am telling them that they are doing something wrong, in the hopes that they will get the message and start doing something better for themselves.

If they feel a bit hurt by it, well, yeah... maybe they should. They're fat! They're insecure about their fatness! It's not healthy for them, and it's not healthy for us to be around people who are so insecure that we need to mince our words around them.

I want you to be healthier and happier and I'm willing to give you my support to get there. But I'm not willing to keep up the white lies for the sake of preserving your own insecurities, especially for something that is slowly killing you.

If you are fat, I'm going to call you fat, damnit!
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