If you are fat, I'm going to call you fat, damnit!

Is it me or have we suddenly become way over sensitive when it comes to using the new F word these days?

Yes, I know, science tells us that being fat is largely our parent's fault. Your mom either didn't eat enough when you were developing in her womb, or you lucked out on some crappy genes, or maybe your parents just didn't know better and gave you a shitty diet when you were young. But none of these are any reason why anyone has to stay fat.

Lets face the facts for a moment here. In today's age of science and personal development, losing fat is largely a solved problem. The information is freely available everywhere, and anyone who wants to lose weight can do it. Which boils down to one thing - if you're fat it's because you don't want to stop being fat.

If you are fat, I'm going to call you fat, damnit!

So if this is something you're doing to yourself, why should the rest of us have to tip toe around your problem? If you're feeling insecure about it, then lets just call out the elephant in the room and deal with it.

When I call people out on being fat, I'm not doing it because I get some perverse pleasure out of putting other people down. I never understood how much somebody else weighs has anything to do with me. What I do want to achieve is to give that person a bit of feedback that they're heading towards an unhealthy situation. I am telling them that they are doing something wrong, in the hopes that they will get the message and start doing something better for themselves.

If they feel a bit hurt by it, well, yeah... maybe they should. They're fat! They're insecure about their fatness! It's not healthy for them, and it's not healthy for us to be around people who are so insecure that we need to mince our words around them.

I want you to be healthier and happier and I'm willing to give you my support to get there. But I'm not willing to keep up the white lies for the sake of preserving your own insecurities, especially for something that is slowly killing you.


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  • If you are randomly telling them "You're fat" when they haven't asked for your opinion then you are a bully. Easy as that and I'll call you a bully because you are very rude and try to break down peoples self esteem. That's something a jackass would do. You also get a sick perverse pleasure out of hurting someones feelings. There are some people who can't help it and have a medical condition or are using medication they need that makes them gain weight.

    • But it's ok for fat people to go around and randomly telling thin people that they're skinny bitches with anorexia who needs to go and eat a burger?

    • No its not but not all fat people do this same as not all skinny people put down someone over their weight. If someone of any size, any gender, any race , any sexual orientation, any religion. Puts someone down over any of this they are just plain jackasses

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  • Fat shaming is bad but promoting fat/obesity isn't good either. Same with skinny shaming/skinny promoting (to the point of anorexia) . One thing I am sick of is when I see girls who use misleading pictures on dating sites and say they're average/curvy and then when you meet them in person they end up being borderline obese.

    If you are overweight, don't lie about it.


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  • Bullshit you're not doing it to get some kind of pleasure from putting people down. If someone is fat they fucking know they're fat. Calling them out on it isn't some grand revelation - it's just being mean for the sake of being mean. Plenty of people out there who are skinny are extremely unhealthy, but no one "calls them out on it."

    You don't care about their health, you just don't like looking at fat people and it makes you feel superior to make them feel shitty. News flash: other people don't exist for your pleasure amd comfort. If the sight of a fat person bothers you, that's YOUR problem, not theirs. Telling them they are fat doesn't help anyone except you. I said it already but I'll repeat it now: FAT PEOPLE ALREADY KNOW THEY'RE FAT.

    Sure, it is possible to lose weight, but it is a fuck tonne of work and as people who don't strugglw with our weight, neither you or I are in a position to be telling people it's easy. It's not. It's one of the hardest things a person can do. If a person decides that it's not something they value enough to completely change their lives for, that is their choice. I used to smoke and I knew it was unhealthy but I smoked for years before I finally quit, because I just wasn't ready for that change. It really pissed me off when people would lecture me about it because it's none of their goddamn business. I can't imagine adding to that the hurtfulness of being told your appearance bothers someone enough to make them want to actually tell you you're fat.

    Deal with your insecurities and stop using health as an excuse to hurt people's feelings. You're not helping, you're being a bully.

    • ^^Exactly this.

      Also I like how people assume that over weight people, aren't already in the process of losing weight. Like you said, it's a lot of work, it doesn't happen over night. It's rude to assume that they're not already eating healthy and exercising in order to change.

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    • The issue with him, isn't his writing, it's his ego and down right ignorance.

      Words have meaning, if words didn't have meaning there would be no point in expressing ourselves.

      I feel sorry for the people who agree with you, I don't care how many it is because you all need to learn to mind your own damn business when it comes to others appearance unless they ask you for advice.

      It's insulting that you think the solution is so simple as shove water and vegetables in someone's face. I can almost bet that most people who over eat have emotional issues, it's still an eating disorder in my eyes.

      And just like I don't jump at the opportunity to tell an anorexic or bulimic person "why don't you just eat" "stop being insecure about your weight and just eat".

      People like you are looking for things to dislike about other to feel better about yourself and you've managed to convenience yourself that you have the answer to serious problems that others have and you don't.

    • convince*

  • There's just one thing tho...


    Who do you think you are? Nobody said you had to tiptoe around anything but you damn sure don't need to be an asshole about it. Especially if your opinion was not wanted. Newsflash: fat people are well aware that they are fat. They don't need you or anyone else to tell them.

    I'm considered fat and I've lost over 40 lbs. But guess what? You wouldn't be able to tell that because YOU DONT KNOW ME. Just like you don't know every fat person you see. Nobody likes a captain obvious.

    • You're right. I don't know you, and you didn't ask me, so I'm not going to call you fat for no reason.

      But if you post one of those "how do I look?" questions, I won't hold back.

  • Tbh it's not any of your business. If someone is fat, they get told they're fat. Constantly. If they still don't decide to lose weight, that's their problem. Leave them alone, you can't force them to be skinny.

    • I'm not forcing them to be skinny. I'm just resisting their push to force me to stop using the f word.

  • Why are you so concerned about other people's weight? Coming from someone who was overweight as a child due to the food and portion sizes that my parents fed me it's not so easy just to loose the weight. Yes I was able to lose it at but at only 12 years old it was extremely difficult especially when my parents still kept all the unhealthy food in our house. I'm not saying how this is how everyone got overweight bc every fat person has a different story however you have no right to judge them when you've never been in their shoes. For all you know you could lose your fast metabolism or break a leg and not have a way to workout anymore and become fat so be careful who you put down you could easily become to be in their shoes

    • He's talking more about having to refrain from being honest about someone's weight because in this society, that's an outrage. He's not judging them, he just wants the double standard to stop and I agree. Numerous times I've been in awkward positions when it comes to people's weight and I've had to refrain from saying that it's because of their weight that they've got a health problem. Usually they can work it out themselves but honestly, some people are in total denial.

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    • Let's be clear. No where in the take did I say that it's ok to randomly walk up to a stranger and call them fat.

    • Then who are you calling fat? If it's friends or family members that's a completely different situation and not even worth making a take about to me

  • What are you getting out of calling others fat? Yes we know it but that's not something you just tell someone. Take this for example, let's say I know you and you know me. let's say you've had a child for parent who has somehow died. We both know it but it's not necessary for me to bring it up. It just makes you feel bad in the end. Wow I didn't know how great the ignorance was. Just because someone is fat or big automatically makes them unhealthy. I know not so small people that eat healthier than a slim person would. Me myself, I'm on the heavier side and I like to say I eat right. I hardly ever drink soda or even eat burgers anymore for some years now. Back then I have and that's why I'm trying to lose the weight now. I'm comfortable with myself and I feel beautiful but yeah I know I could lose a few pounds. Not to be considered healthy or to be more beautiful but because I want my clothes to fit me better. You get me? just something like that. if someone is skinny or slim/thin, that doesn't automatically make them a healthy person either. There ar those skinny people with high metabolisms who eat a meal for 8 and don't gain a pound. Even if you are bigger that still doesn't give you the right to call someone fat. Just because you'reboth fat doesn't automatically makebghe other person feel better when someone calls them fat.

    • I'm not getting anything out of calling people fat, but something is being taken away from me when fat people randomly decides to take offence to the word "fat" and acts to stop society from using it. This isn't about being an asshole and going out to randomly fat shame. Just because I want to be able to use the word fat, doesn't automatically mean I also want to be tactless and crass.

  • I agree to a point. I do think our society is way too sensitive about everything, especially the issue of weight. I also hate how really big girls try to claim that they're "curvy." No, just no. Having curves is completely different from having rolls! There is nothing wrong with being bigger, I do believe that beauty comes in all shapes & sizes. But stop trying to claim you're something that you're not.
    But I hope you aren't going around telling people that they're fat either, that's just rude and there's no reason for that type of behavior.

  • This again? really...

    I'm just curious how you think so highly of yourself, that you think you should be the one calling "people out on being fat"? Your ego is the fattest fucking thing here.

    People are sensitive to the word "fat" because people throw it around recklessly these days and the majority of that is towards women. Women who are still in a healthy weight range for their height and body type but not necessarily someones preference.

    People are sensitive to that because they should be, it's giving women and men complexes, that's why every single 110lb girl on here is always asking "do I look fat?".

    When will people understand that skinny doesn't necessarily mean healthy...

    Even some of the fit people I know, eat all types of horrible food and a lot of it. I'm sure working out then stuffing your face full of junk food and pizza afterwards because you have a fast metabolism, isn't healthy either.

    The only difference is, it's more pleasing to the eye and accepted, so you're under the assumption that they are healthy.

    Being fat or obese should be glorified and I think being healthy should be promoted way more, in a positive way.

    I just hate when people take upon themselves to dislike and single out a certain body type. Or promote only one type of body as the epitome of "healthy".

    • shouldn't* be glorified, not should lol

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    • I'm bored of this, @GirlsLie. Lets pick this up again when you've improved your literacy and reading comprehension.

    • "So if this is something you're doing to yourself, why should the rest of us have to tip toe around your problem? If you're feeling insecure about it, then lets just call out the elephant in the room and deal with it."

      "I never understood how much somebody else weighs has anything to do with me."

      You think it's your place to call others out on something that even YOU stated was none of your business.

      You're one to talk about literacy when you contradicted yourself in your own Mytake.

  • Officially, according to the whole weight and height formula, I am fat even though most people who don't know me would swear I wasn't just by looking. I call myself fat cuz I am. It helps me cope for when some random person calls me it, thinking they can hurt me. People, EVERYONE, needs to stop whining and grow some thick skin because not everyone is going to catee to your semi unique mindsets.
    I work on my weight when I can, but hey life's busy. That being said, I do not shy away from calling someone fat. Especially if they asked my opinion on it (I will cut you with my honesty). I don't have to not be fat to call someone else fat. Same with being skinny. "What gives you the right to call them fat?" The fucking first Amendment. What gives all the girls on this site the right to call almost every slightly optimistic guy here a perv or creep? The very same amendment. EVERYONE get off your high horses.

    I await my downvotes with wearily apathetic resignation.

    • Thank you. That's pretty much exactly my point.

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    • The baseless assumptions? do you think over weight people enjoy having the assumption that they're insecure and lazy made about them. If you don't like it then don't do it yourself, it's that easy.

    • Ugh, just end this so I can stop getting notifcations. I got what you meant, Asker. And good luck to staying true to yourself, as will I.

  • I think it's not okay to call people fat because they already know it and it hurts but for me it's okay to tell them to lose weight or eat less, I hate it when they complain or get sad about other people losing weight but not them! I mean if you wanna lose weight then don't eat that much! I lost 34 kg with 13! Because I was so fat, so if a 13 year old little girl can lose weight I won't take "it's so hard not to eat" from an adult.. honestly I rather diet for a few months than stay fat for the rest of my life! Exceptions are people who got some kind of disability to lose weight but the rest 99% shouldn't look for excuses

    • Ok, lets clarify something. Making fun of somebody with a real disability that they can't fix is really really bad, and I'll never condone it.

      But now... about that first point you made... so it's not ok for me to call people fat, but it's ok for you to call people fat?

    • Nooo lol I meant it's okay for me (in my opinion) it's okay to tell them to lose weight but not insult them, not for me as an exception! I'm sorry :)

  • I agree. People are way to sensitive about this and a lot of other things. They don't want to face the truth. Most people blame it on someone or genes but it's really just a crappy diet.

    *waiting for downvotes*

    • crapy genetics and crappy hormones in the crappy food.

      Yet ironically it is all down to what they put in the mouth, and THAT puts them to blame XD
      So ultimately in 90+% of the cases it's all on the person.

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    • very few know that, because everyone hav made fat and carbs the evil bad guys. Yet the truth is that people eating no fat diets and still gaining weight is likely gaining weight because they don't get enough fat acids.
      Hence the therm "to little and too much is not good for you".
      A healthy diet is balanced. Those fancy diets are rarely balanced XD

    • @dartmaul15 I think I'm going to follow you. Warning if I need weight lose advice I'll probably message.

  • First of all, calling people fat is just rude.
    I agree that we shouldn't tip toe and window dress the whole obesity issue like we do but then again it's their bodies & their choices.
    Yeah, it's probably because the simply lack the discipline to change their diets but then again what is it any of your business?
    The only problem I see is this whole glorifying of overweight trend where women who are obviously too big to an extend where there are actually health risks are called 'curvy' and 'sexy' by the media just to make overweight people feel better about themselves. That is just unhealthy and unethically wrong.
    I don't think we should tell overweight or obese people that they're perfect just the way they are because that isn't true but putting them down by being some piece of shit and calling them fat isn't gonna do anything either!

    • It's not my fault that fat people just randomly decided to take the fat word as an insult. "Fat" wasn't even an insult as recently as 10 years ago. It's not a matter of being an asshole and calling people names, it's a matter of standing my ground and not letting this bullshit political correctness get out of hand.

    • How about being a little more polite standing your ground calling them just obese instead of fat if you already decide to point out their obvious flaw?

    • Because on the spectrum of larger sizes, it goes from chubby, to fat, to obese, to morbidly obese. "Fat" has a place in our language that describes something with a bit more granularity.

  • I agree too, and I hate this thing about people calling fat rolls curves and calling skinny girls "skinny bitches" when if I called somebody a fat bitch they'd get on my case.

  • I liked this take and I agree with you. If people can call me skinny and tell me to eat more, I can tell them they're fat and need to eat less. I don't know why its turned into a double standard. Sometimes making someone aware of how big they've gotten can give them the drive to want to lose weight. It's not insulting to call someone out on their weight, especially if they don't realise just how big they are. This tip toeing needs to be ended!

    • You've managed to articulate my point much more elegantly than I did. Thanks!

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    • I never once said it was ok either way, I actually said the opposite. Do you know how many times women on here get called fat and they're also in a healthy weight range for their height? It happens all of the time and it shouldn't be accepted either way.

      I'm not offended by every little thing, I just think people are inconsiderate and for whatever reason they think someone elses weight is their business. And it makes me sad to see people, especially women constantly having this comparison battle with each other, it makes them look like a joke.

  • Ok so like do you think fat people have never looked in a mirror or something? I'm pretty sure they're aware of the fact that they're fat, so I doubt your "feedback" will mean anything to them. They already know. You're not helping anyone.

    • Trust me, a lot of people are unaware of how big they are. Fat creeps on so gradually that they don't notice how much weight they've gained because they're used to how they look whilst they look much bigger to others. Most overweight people I know are and were in denial of how big they were. My mother told me she didn't realise just how big she was until she lost three stone and looked at old photos.

    • @Hannah591 even if that's the case for some, you can't just assume that nobody is aware of how big they are and that they, therefore, need you to tell them that right this minute. Most overweight people are aware of the fact that they're fat, since it's most likely something they've known/heard since childhood. Doctors telling them. People bullying them. Parents telling them. Relatives telling them. Strangers telling them. Society/magazines/movies telling them. Even if it's something a number of fat people are unaware of, I would say the majority is aware of it, due to the constant pressure they receive from basically everyone, everywhere. And even if they're not aware, so what? Unless it's a voice of concern from a close family member, I think it's completely redundant to go around and tell random people that they're fat. A) they're most likely aware of it and B) even if they aren't aware of it, you will most likely achieve absolutely nothing by telling them.

    • @Hannah591 so what I've gathered from this myTake, the take owner just has this holier than thou attitude that makes him feel entitled to tell everyone what he thinks about them. Unless a person asks, there's no point in going out of your way to evaluate their health or weight.

  • i don't think it's as simple as that picture.
    i love junk food and eat it everyday. i never gain weight and i've never been overweight. my body shape is pretty average but feminine (hourglass). some of my friends are doctors and they told me i'm thin by japanese standards but i think i'm average and have problem areas.

    • I've read many of your posts here and I think you've got a very healthy attitude towards life. In my books, whatever shape you are, you're still cool.

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    • some of my ex's told me i'm average

    • @Sara413 Look. If I saw a girl that's just average, then I'd be a true asshole to just make up random things about that girl just so I can give unsolicited advice. If I can't see that she's doing damage to her health, I have no reason to say anything at all. If I see somebody eat a consistently unhealthy diet, then regardless of their size, I'd say something about it. You're trying too hard to paint me as an asshole. So hard that your arguments aren't logical.

  • You're fucking right! I'm a bitch when it comes to talk about weight, sorry but I think that if you work hard, you can get whatever you want. There is plenty of fat people who become fit after years of hard work, BECAUSE OF COURSE IT TAKES TIME, you just need to want to change.

  • I do agree fat is fat. Fat is just that it's a material. However it has become taboo because people usually use it as in insult and if used like that it's really not any different than calling her a bitch or whore. You wouldn't call someone an asshole so if you mean it as in insult, which you seem to do, then you shouldn't call someone fat

    "I want you to be healthier and happier and I'm willing to give you my support to get there." -holier than though much?
    Naturally skinny people think they have the secret to health and fitness figured out, but they don't know shit. They're genetic mutants, whose satiety mechanism can handle highly processed foods such as oil, sugar or cheese. Never get diet advice from someone who has never been fat

    • Actually I'm naturally skinny and it sucks too specially for a dude :/

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    • I thought I was genetically skinny but it was actually because my parents brought me up with strict rules for food. I didn't understand why people were fat until I heard and saw how much they ate and their avoidance of PE lessons. Now I'm older with the freedom to eat what I want, when I want, I've gained quite a lot of weight but now I have to work out and remember the rules my mum instilled in me to remain a healthy weight. It's not just luck!
      My friend gained a lot of weight and I went over her house; she had three share bags of chocolate and two share bags of crisps, most of which she ate. I literally had a couple bits of chocolate and crisps, nowhere near as much as she did. If anyone ate like that, they'd gain weight!

    • @Hannah591 I never denied that fat people eat more than skinny ones, the question is why? Sure rules or laws can be one reason. Lack of food another. But fact some people don't crave to eat more than they need, but most of do. You clearly said you do

      And take owner there's also a difference between wanting to change a standard and using it regardless, knowing it hurts people
      It's kinda like you're allowed to criticize the law but you can't break it

  • I don't want your help

  • Mm... I agree to some points. Except definitely not this one- that your fat because you don't want to stop being fat. I can EASILY deny this. Coming from a family where about half of us have an extremely slow metabolism I can safely say that people aren't always fat because they eat crap and don't exercise. I lucked out and got my father's genes in this part but my sister and my mother both have an extremely slow metabolism, yet they eat better than anyone in our family (especially me) and work out quite often. My sister, who is overweight (sorry regardless of what you say I'm not comfortable calling someone fat) and she eats healthy, works out, plays a crap ton of sports (swimming, soccer, basketball, dance, and a lot more) and yet she's still overweight. Same thing with my mother. The doctor even said the only way you're going to effectively lose weight is if you either go on a diet where you eat close to nothing or get surgery (which she got surgery). Not all obese people have an unhealthy lifestyle.

  • But what will you tell people who are like not thin but also not superfat. What some cultures perceive as fat is in other cultures a normal body. For example in Eastern-Europe the average person is way thinner than in America. So what do you say to people in that case?

    • I'm not going to be telling people they're fat because of how they look. For me, it's really is about health. So if they're overweight to the point that endangers their health, I'd use the fat word. Similarly, for all those girls in Hong Kong who are skinny fat, I'd use the fat word too.

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    • haha poking people as a measurement XD

      soo now THE question: are you fat according to your own definition?

    • I am.

      I'm borderline fat, but yes. I must admit that I am.

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  • this pic isn't always accurate bro sorry... i eat burgers, fries very often and i drink soda (i drink soda daily, every morning)... and i'm skinny as fuck

    so i prove yer pic wrong ;p

    • Hahaha... lucky you. Be careful when you get a bit older and your metabolism slows down though, but enjoy it while you can.

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    • @sara413 ummm... i hardly get sick... and never had any health probs lately :|

    • Yeah but your diet is unhealthy and will likely lead to health problems down the road. My point was that if we're strictly talking about being healthy, you're no healthier or unhealthier than a fat person with the same diet.

  • You know what? We've largely solved the problem on how not to be an asshole. You just don't seem like someone who really wants to stop. I feel entitled in telling you that you are an asshole though in the hope that you will change your ways. Even if you don't really want to hear it, I am gonna tell you anyway because, well, you're an asshole.. And it's even easier to not be an asshole than it is to lose weight ! It SHOULD be easy for you ! I'll give you a trick. If you ever feel like insulting someone who is fat (or anybody really) and you are unsure how it will be taken, then don't say anything. It's not you who is fat anyway...

    And if you think that telling people they're fat is helping them somehow losing that fat than you're not just an asshole, you're also stupid. Hey, I'm only telling you this to help you be less stupid...

    Ahhh I feel better now that I feel like I helped someone !
    You can thank me later !

    • Thank you. If nothing else, that was actually kinda funny.

    • I actually didn't mean it half as insulting as it sounds. I just thought I would show you how it feels to people when you think that you are "helping" them by insulting them on their weight. I know some of them are asking for the truth and it's ok to give them, but there is a way you can tell them the truth without being an absolute asshole. Them asking for people's opinion is certainly not a carte blanche to insult them. And I have never seen someone deliberately asking to be belittled and discouraged. These people need support and encouragement, not people laughing or insulting them. They do that to themselves more than enough...
      This opinion/comment is not targeted specifically at you but to all the fat shamers out there who feel entitled to treat fat people as inferiors and who think they are fair game. Don't take it too personally, you're not the worst of them.

    • I know. I got what you meant. It's all good.

  • I TOTALLY agree with you but insulting someone is bad thing :)

    • Not really because insulting people can also motivate them to better themselves and if they don't want to better themselves then they are welcoming it upon themselves. If they are welcoming it upon themselves, then they either don't care or deserve it because they aren't doing something to change it.

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    • Thanks guys. But to be clear, my take didn't say anything about going up to randoms and just insulting them. All I'm saying is that I refuse to let people's insecurities stop me from using the fat word.

      I tell my friends that they're fat all the time. They welcome it, and we have a good laugh about how hard it is to stay healthy. There's no tone of superiority there, just me speaking up because I care about my friend's health. The thing is, if your friends think you are rude for speaking up honestly, then they're either not your real friends, or you are truly an asshole.

    • I included this in my comments :)

  • I agree that people should not have to tip toe around and be careful with their words. However you seem to be going too far the other direction. I suppose it's a matter of degree. I don't always use euphemisms like big, thick, large size, or even obese. I just say fat, because that's what it is. However I still try to be at least a little careful about it.

    On the other hand, I refuse to go along with all the "fat is beautiful" or "love yourself the way you are", or it's "OK to be large" trend.

    It is NOT OK to be fat. And I'm not going to tell anyone that. It would be a lie, and it would be doing them harm. They need to know that it's not OK. Lying to them and telling them it's OK is hurting them.

    Obesity has taken the exact opposite route as smoking. Both are extremely bad for the health. As a matter of fact I'm completely convinced that being fat is worse than smoking. Not just fat alone, but the combination of the fat itself, poor diet, and lack of exercise all combine into something extremely unhealthy.

    The campaign against smoking was the opposite of what we see with fat. The anti-smoking campaign put tremendous pressure on smokers. Much of that pressure was by making them social outcasts. I've seen young children walk up to smokers and give them shit about it - with their parents standing there watching and not saying a thing about it, because the parents actually approved. If a kid did that with a fat person, the parent would be all over it telling the kid out rude it is.

    The point is that the anti-smoking campaign WORKS. It puts pressure on smokers and doesn't let up. It bombards them with the grossest medical images of the effects of smoking. It taxes the heck out of them to drive prices sky high. It creates downright hostile environments. And it makes them social outcasts.

    Yet with something that is also a lifestyle choice, and probably much worse for the health, we have a society that tells them it's OK.


    • Thank you. I didn't think of the analogy with smoking and that's a very good point.

  • I'm not gonna call someone fat just to hurt them, but if I have to describe them I'm gonna say they're fat.
    People don't care when they call men skinny, and when they make fun of that, it's "acceptable", so why do I have to be careful around fat people while they aren't around me?

    If you're fat, you're fat, it is what it is.

    Good take ;)

  • Usually when someone trolls with a MyTake, it's a good effort. But the title itself gave it away. Very weak troll attempt.

    I'll say 1/10.

  • Don't try to help fat people, dude. No amount of outside help will change them. Most fat people will die fat, but the few that won't have to initiate change by there own accord; you can't help them.

    So, don't waste your time. It took me 100 lbs of weight gain before I realized what I did to myself. Now, I'm succeeding in turning this shop around.

    • Thanks man. And congrats.

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    • I agree. My grandmother had a stroke because she was obese. It's been several years now and she's barely lost any weight. They had to 10 of thousands of dollars to make the house wheel chair accessible, my mom drives 4 hours every other weekend to help her, her neighbor helps cook means and helps her shower.

      How many peoples lives does a single person need to disrupt before they stop stuffing their face with food all the time?

    • Same thing happened with my uncle. He's a great guy, but he's definitely obese. He's had a heart attack and has type 2 diabetes, but he refuses to lose weight. He eats like shit. His doctor told him he will probably be dead in a few years.

  • Lol, I use to be Obese, and looking back, i deserved all the shit that was said to me about it.

  • I don't think its a bad thing to let people know they are heading towards or are already very unhealthy, you don't have to mince words either, but I also don't think you should be a jerk about it , I'm not saying you are being one mind you.

    I'm trying to lose weight myself and honestly I have hard time remaining disciplined at times. I think that for some people it is simple, while for others they have a harder time at self control, these bad habits can be hard to break.

    What keeps many of the more weaker willed with the bad habits from succeeding are the circumstances of their life. Their whole lifestyle (like eating about a lot on the run because they are busy, too lazy, or don't know how to cook just as a few examples) can have profound impact on whether they succeed. I know because this is what I'm battling right now trying to change the circumstances and and gain better habits.

    I want to caution you about those who are sensitive to be called about on being overweight, especially if you are being mean about it. You don't want to walk on eggshells around them, but its important that you realize the actual impact your words may have. If you make them feel bad about being fat you might just be adding fuel to the fire, overeating junk is often a way people deal with the stresses in their life and you maybe just be pushing them in that direction, rather than the one you intended.

    I think you are trying to do a good thing, and wanted you to give you my point of view since I am in the position of needing to make myself healthier. I think if you tell the people around you who are more overweight in a reasonable way they will be more receptive, even more so if you are willing to be supportive and helpful towards them.

    • Thank you. That was a very insightful response. I think you understood my intention that wasn't to go out there and be mean for the sake of being mean, but rather just stop mincing words in fear of bruising egos. Your point that this may end up pushing people who are using food as an escape further into their darkness is a good one. Anyway, good luck with your goals.

  • In Japan, "fat" people pay more in taxes as a penalty for being fat.

    With Obamacare, now that "everyone" is basically paying into the healthcare system, and essentially paying for everyone else's "risks," I wonder how long until Americans start looking at other Americans with "contempt" when they see them eating unhealthy foods, hear about them sitting around on the couch and not going to the gym, etc.

    When someone next to me is drinking their 3rd bottle of Pepsi after eating $35 worth of McDonald's all by himself, that person's "choices" are directly affecting the level of discretionary income I have, because they're increasing the cost that I have to pay in order to have health insurance (because I need to cover their fat @ss).

    So, I definitely do wonder sometimes if "fat" is going to be the next target of hate in the United States (do to the new nature of the way people are obligated to insure healthcare risk).

    • See! That's the thing. If we were just able to talk about this openly, we might be able to avoid a whole lot of passive aggressive, back handedness against each other. It's really for the greater good.

  • If you're an ass, I'm going to call you an ass, damnit!

    (I think I got the offensive flavor just about right.)

  • Agree with the myTake, but in most cases, like, 9/10, the person is NOT mentally ready to take the truth. They have to ASK for it, and only THEN will they mentally be able to accept it a little better.

    Usually, if a person is fat, I keep it to myself. But if a person out and out asks me, "What do you think of my body?" or something along those lines, I will legit ask the person, "You sure you're ready for this?," if they say yes, THEN I take the gloves off.

    Speaking as someone who has lost 80 pounds in their lifetime, there's a lot of truth to this post, and if applied with the right technique and grace, it can be very effective.

  • this isn't 100% accurate as there are a lot of people who are blessed with a fast metabolism and can eat as much junk as they want and still remain lean.

    while in the other hand there are people out there who have health issues that prevent them from losing weight and staying in shape no matter how hard they train and diet

    • This isn't entirely accurate either. The first paragraph is irrelevant. Of course it is easier or harder for different people, but that doesn't change the fact that it's a lifestyle choice.

      The second paragraph is misleading. It is used as an excuse far too often. There are very few medical conditions that prevent people from losing weight. They might make it harder, but not prevent it.

    • @NearlyNapping i never said i was 100%. or did i?

    • 100% correct*

  • Yes yes all of this is good but the problem is that healthy food is much much more expensive than unhealthy food. This is why so many people who are less fortunate are also typically obese. You could either feed your kids for a few days with less than $20 dollars, or barely fill your children up with $100 worth of healthy food. It's terrible but it's the truth.

  • This... is what is wrong with most fat people (most, not all):
    They work around it and avoid taking care of the problem. (like cartman in the video. He's getting a mobility scooter because he's fucking fat as fucking fuck, instead of getting rid of the problem, which is the fat)
    Being fat as fuck is like an injury. Don't push through it and work around it or it'll get worse in the long run. Take care of it and get rid of it.
    And stop taking the picture so serious. It's an illustration. It's not because you see a lot of people getting fat from vegetables and water. They eat junk. There's a correlation between junk food and people being fat as fucking fuck.

  • There is a certain percentage of fat people that are actually ill and their illness includes weight gain. An easy example is testicular cancer.

    • Yeah. I know, and I think it's really rude to criticize someone for something they can't do anything about.

  • The picture is misleading. One can lose weight eating only the mcdonalds menu.


  • Yeah I agree fat is fat but if you blatantly tell a person he or she is fat, guess what? they already know. I'm all about being fit and hot (wish I was damn it -.-) but if a person chooses to be fat and put all sorts of excuses not to lose the weight, it's their business not mine

  • Well if you're stupid, you will be okay with me calling you stupid. Correct?

    • Not exactly. You can't do anything about being stupid. You can do something about being fat.

    • Yes, because you can help being stupid. Read a book, go to school, do your work, and try your hardest to become smart. The only excuse for not being smart is not having a good choice of educational systems around you, or yourself. There's a reason why school is a thing.

    • You can change your stupidity though.

  • I might be wrong on this but I think fat people have more health problems and if there's a lot of fat ungealthy people then don't health insurance rates go up for everyone?

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