So what, I wear an engagement ring on my left finger?

So what, I wear an engagement ring on my left finger!?

Yes, that's right I wear an engagement ring on my left finger, it represents love. No the one hasn't officially proposed. But I wear a ring to symbolize the love that's here.

It keeps other guys away, and it keeps me committed.

Yes, I'm under 18. I'm actually 16.

I wear an engagement ring and I'm proud of it.

I recommend those who want to symbolize your love to do the same. It's your life, your ring, and your finger. Do what you want.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Uh your kind of supposed to anyway the left hand is the wedding hand and the right hand is for casual rings.

    • Not actually married or engaged. It just represents.

    • Regardless the left hand show's that your taken, of course anybody would be able to see you have a wedding ring on regardless of what hand you put it on. But traditionally it goes on the left hand anyway also that makes no sense if you're wearing an engagement ring but your not engaged, it doesn't represent love it represents to anyone who see's it that your engaged and way to young, that's the only message it shows to anyone other then yourself.

What Girls Said 1

  • okay?

    i don't see what this does for u, but whatever.