How to ask my girlfriends mom for her blessing to marry her daughter. Please help?

Okay so I'm nervous as hell. If that is a thing.

I'm going to propose to my girlfriend & we both love each other so much & I already know she is gonna say yes.

Right now I want to ask her mother (she has no father) for her blessing to propose to her daughter. I don't know if it's old fashioned but I think she would appreciate me asking her for her blessing beforehand.

She like me well enough as far as I know but still I'm nervous & worry she'll hate me for trying to take away her daughter or something, say it's too soon. I don't know what she'll say, I just don't want her or her family to hate me for proposing if they disagree with it. If she doesn't support it I want to propose anyway but I'm very unsure how her mom will react.

I plan on having a cup of coffee with her mom privately to talk with her about it, I just wanted all the advice & tips I can get.

Thanks & if you need any info just ask. Thanks :)


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  • She may consider you too young or too____.
    Just see her together and say or let your girlfriend say , "we plan to marry" and hear what happens.

    • We are young, & probably haven't been together long enoughh for her to completely support it. I'm 23 & she's 21. We both love each other more than anything but her mom would have a valid point if she says we haven't been together long enough... We probably haven't, but we just love each other & want to be together & take another step.

      I don't know, I'm probably worrying too much.

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    • We're both in college going for our teaching degrees. We aren't trying to rush into marriage. We both agreed that we would wait until we both got good teaching jobs to officlly get married, but we both want to commit to it down the road becuase we both love each other.

      Thanksn for everything. I know it's her mom's job to be critical & protective & I really do get that. I'm just going to have to do my best & be open as possible & hopefully that will let things go as smooth as possible.

      There's no pregnancy or anything forcing a rash decision. Hopefully she'll see that.

      Thanks again so much :)

    • In fact it's more about getting engaged than about getting married thus in my opinion.

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  • just do it :D

    as long as you aren't a jack ass and she knows you enough to trust her child into you hand, I see no problem why she would be against you.

    • Not trying to be cocky lol but I think I'm a nice guy that most partents would trust. I just worry because she is very protective of her daughter & I do worry she doesn't know me as well as I would like.

      Maybe I'm just worrying so much because I'm nervous what her mom thinks.

      Thanks for the advice :)

  • Dude, you have to ask her dad. It's called the Father's blessing.

    • Oh, she has no dad. But then the man of the house, maybe a brother next in rank and hierarchy.

  • "Can I have your daughter for the rest of my life? Say yes, say yes cause I need to now"

    • Know*

    • Yeah I'll just play that song. Problem solved :)