Co-worker didn't invite me to wedding but invited others from work?

A girl worked with got married and didn't invite me to her evening reception but invited others from work. We'd hung out a few times outside of work with another co-worker and had fun, getting drunk and gossiping. I hadn't had much time to talk to her of late, as work's been very busy but I'd chat to her during coffee breaks. I knew she was getting married soon and asked questions about the wedding, showing an interest. She left work a couple of months ago. I went to her leaving lunch and we were chatting as normal and I thought perhaps no-one from work was invited to the wedding. I commented on one of her FB posts asking how she was doing and she never replied, but she replied to another co-worker's comment above mine. I wondered if I'd done something to offend her although she liked one of my photos I put on FB recently. Then I found out that a lot of people from work were going to the wedding. Some of them I knew she hung around with as they went to lunch together but others I've never seen her speaking to before. So it's making me feel like I must be a horrible person that she'd invite them and not me. I know a lot of this comes down to numbers and so on but it's strange seeing pics of people I'd never seen her hang out with at her wedding. I find it hard to approach people in social situations. I'd thought this girl could have been a 'proper' friend, as she'd reached out and asked if I wanted to go out for drinks, when other people don't bother. In my company there's lots of close friendships, even some romantic relationships. But I suck at making friends. I am wondering if it's just ME. If there's something about me that drives people away. A few years ago another co-worker got married and she invited nearly everyone in the office (about 15 people) apart from me, and another girl who'd only been there a few weeks. I remember a couple of the guys asking me about it and having to tell them I'd not been invited; awkward. It's like being back at high school.


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  • That's though, but there isn't much you can do about it. You just have to accept that some people might not like you as much as they like others.
    You admit being difficult to make friends, and a many people feel that way, cause not everybody has those social skills.
    You can't please everyone. And if you wanna get back at them, invite them for your wedding:at least they have to give you a present :) jkd


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