He wants me to meet his sister, but I'm so scared! HELP!

I've been hanging out with this new kid at school a lot and everyone thinks were dating, even his family! its so embarrassing because we're really not (even though I really like him and he knows it. I'm not sure if he likes me though) anyway, one time at youth group, he wanted me to meet his sister. I was strongly against it, but he took my bag as hostage unless I at least said hello. It created a big fuss and I had to say hi in the end. I had just embarrassed myself in front of his sister. I've met her several times as well, and embarrassed myself in front of her multiple times too. I really don't want to meet his sister, because it feels so awkward since she thinks were dating! What do I do?


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  • Well this is a tough one...can't say a guy has ever taken my bag hostage lol that's a new one to me. It's cute that this guy likes you enough to introduce him to his sister, I was the same when my guy introduced me to his family, but as I'm slightly older and been in a very long relationship I can't really say its the same thing! Just try and set this guy straight before his family start expecting a marriage proposal. lol

    • His Facebook status is set as 'In A Relationship' and my friend told me he likes this girl from his church. But I'm not sure. He always "flirts" with me (hug, hand holding, etc) and I'm so confused!

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