Why do Muslim men think it is OK to treat their wives like chattel (personal property)?

I am not opposed to polygamy but it should be consensual and voluntary. With Muslim men it is rarely either.

Why do you need so many wives? How do you make them all feel special when they are just one of many?

Maybe that is a good question for any polygamous relationship.

Please explain this to us and I will try hard not to be too judgmental, but forgive me if I fail... lol
A. It is taught in the Quran that women are born to serve males and have children and for nothing else. They should be covered when away from the harem, quiet and speak only when spoken to at all other times
B. It is a Muslim tradition. It is even acceptable to beat them when ever a man wants to. They can even be bought and sold as slaves as young as 8 years old legally in some Middle Eastern countries and the Muslim men can have sex with them at that age whether the girls want to, or not. Mutilating young girls clitoris's is common and acceptable as well.
C. It is a Middle Eastern tradition, not just Muslim
D. Even the girls and women in the middle east are brainwashed into believing they are only born to be servants of men and for having babies, and will defend the teachings and traditions
E. I believe everything the Muslims teach is correct as to how women should be treated and what their role is in relation to men
F. OTHER, see my comments below, or just open the "Women Are Born to Serve Men and have Babies Only" survey
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Why do Muslim men think it is OK to treat their wives like chattel (personal property)?
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